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  • The thing about never run out of money,its free,Punting, now thats a different story,Most of the better punters dont tip',they dont have too, they make enough  punting.I feel these activity statement are great and by putting the cold har…
  • Think 8 of them were Bobs ,Durrant has close to 50 of Bobs on books .While Grantham has around 20.and trialed 2.Sure heaps of others about the place,plus the ones over east. Everyone talks about Bobs successes,But gee, would hate one month of his tr…
  • Got 45, DW ,either way thats big numbers.
  • How do you know he didn’t call out the correct gate number and they went in the wrong gate. He only calls out what barriers they go in isn’t up to the jockey to then make sure he goes into the barrier called out In a word NO. The jockeys are direct…
  • How do you know he didn’t call out the correct gate number and they went in the wrong gate. He only calls out what barriers they go in isn’t up to the jockey to then make sure he goes into the barrier called out In a word NO. The jockeys are direct…
  • A pretty serious charge, but what ever the outcome ,every horse that has tested positive to a anabolic steroid has been banned from racing or trialing for at least 12 months from the date of the positive reading.So unfortunately for the owners , it …
    in Positive swab Comment by Arapaho July 15
  • Suppose dad will be able to give her some decent guidance too, anyone know what JW is up to these days? Hope he is well. Has one running around in the last with Summer Dickson who has had a couple of starters for him now.
  • Don''t know what happened there,regarding Rodent said bit, but think its a good motto to have.
  • Im subscribing to the adage, the harder you work the luckier you get. We'll see what happens.A good punters motto would beI never lose, I either win or learn.  
  • Since 2014 ,No Anabolic Steroid was to be used on any horse whether ,raciing ,spelling, pretraining or at anytime unless under the age of 6 months for welfare and therapeutic reasons  and even that exemption may have been withdrawn by now..According…
    in Positive swab Comment by Arapaho July 7
  • Some were PBD/L  hence (has been well placed) and your right , As it should be,especially with these races that the eligibility to enter is to be under a certain amount of dollars last 5 and so on and because they are RBD you find L10s drawing insid…
  • Strike Master, 2nd tonight has been very well placed and has had a lot of luck with draws since coming back from Albany, drawing 1 ,13 times out of 31 starts and at least 2 of those 31 he was out of the draw.
  • Always had a liking for Theres A Chance(think Rodent did too, early on)and was going to be on today, pretty strong ,But unfortunately caught the tail end of the Aftermath on the radio,. where they interviewed Carapellotti.He basically gave it no cha…
  • Flower in the Wind $60s with a boost, was the one that should of won,Filthy,By the way great tip Voodoo well done.
  • Paying more doesn't mean you get more,Have noticed trainers who charge more,are driving around in Mercs.
  • Looking from a owners perspective, if a owner gets a bill of say $4000 in total , for the month of May,then that owner is getting charged 4000 divided by 31 which is $129 odd per day. Do know a few of my friends pay over $400 for a ten per cent shar…
  • It would be interesting to know what are the actual costs compared to what the trainers are charging owners, can anyone do a itemized account of this would be appreciated.
  • Galati was the only male to ride at the meeting.
  • Regal City wow, what a dirt lark! Was passed in early June online Inglis sale ,Reserve 20 grand.Won at Northam during sale, See has changed camps .so may have been purchased after sale,
    in Nar Mondays Comment by Arapaho June 20
  • Thanks for that.
  • Anyone know why race 8 was abandoned ,Was there a fall or something.I missed it.
  • Go easy on the Dill bit PalOnly just read posts, if the bloke has done thatthats a **** trick The time on post says 8.44 am so my clock must be well out. Anyhow glad to see your still postingCause some people make statements which are completly fals…
  • Great tip, Cant-refuse. Marko You asked for a tip, the bloke gave you one, a 100 to 1 pop for the place which paid $11.40 on the WA tab,Hope you had something on - Should be ,Hah - hah- hah  all the way to the bank.
  • Im amazed that no one picked that Notorious One was hanging in badly, even the stewards.O'donnell was trying to bring the horse to the outside of K.Kaos to no avail, as he kept laying in behind him, thus laying all over God Has Chosen .It was only w…
  • Congratulations to G Davies who owns the first three placing in race 1 at Northam,would think this feat would not be achieved too often/
  • I agree with you re half carting/baulking/impeding legitimate progress.The initial shift & return created the situation for the secondary incident 250m later to occur.Very similar to the Suvaljko vs Hall protest a couple of weeks ago. Maybe a b…
  • Because of his height Lester(the Longfellow) would always have to starve himself to keep his weight down,It was said his breakfast would consist of a :"Cigar and a Cough.
    in Lester Piggot Comment by Arapaho May 31
  • Not sure if you can blame Tabtouch or not, but so far the races that have been run at Greyville tonight ,have not been run over the distances advertised on the Tabtouch betting page.R1 adv.-1000,raced over 1200, R2 adv-1199,raced over 1600, R3 adv-1…
  • dreadful run. lay in a little in the straight... but no excuse I could see.  Pierra Art ,Did pull up shin sore, so there maybe a excuse.. Cant race or trial for  6 weeks  Time will tell.
    in Belmont 18/5 Comment by Arapaho May 18
  • Just A Reaction an excellent selection from Marko, still not fond of the gate but a pretty good steer from Hayden. Has some ability that horse, good snare. Earlier, some genius on Twitter was banging on about laying Tritttritt Bangbang because it sh…