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  • I'm writing to the AFL. From now on only players from winning teams should get paid, and they should be paid on a sliding scale of possessions obtained. Any player getting less than 10 possessions to not be paid anything. Anyway - back to horses.…
  • It's not rocket science's not the 1920's ...spread the distribution of stakemoney....50 % to winner 20% to second 10  % to third .....20 % amongst the rest....they put the show on. Everyone else is the nicest sense. FFs...wake u…
  • Bookmaking is all about making a profit rather than being flamboyant from a turnover perspective. One would assume that RWWA is meeting its objectives with fixed odds or it would change its strategy Mistakes are still made with odds assessments you …
  • What was betting turnover like? How did that compare to previous years? Racecourse attendance is nice but I think turnover is key as it reflects the true level of interest in the product. I am with you Rodent. The measure of success or otherwise is…
  • i recall going with dad to HV but have no idea where it is now.November, aquanita? I thought HV was purely a winter course.... Guaranteed Falc went with my father as a 12year old into the Leger and can still remember the green and gold colours over…
  • I won my third race at my only start at Helena Vale when I accounted for a very promising horse called Juraco. on the 21st November 1959..
  • The devil will be in the detail of any conditions of sale. If I was a harness racing industry participant I would be very worried about the outcome from a sale based on current turnover performance of that code. It is little wonder that the TAB is u…
  • I don't think Bob Peters pays the normal training rate. The percentages that the quality horses earn would pick up the slack from discounted training fees. A tough man is Bob.
  • Breeders with their vested interest are the last thing that racing needs. Wherever they have dominated committees racing has gone backwards, fact.
  • A WA Quinella in the Underwood Stakes: 1st - Black Heart Bart, 2nd - He Or She. Great result. Not bad for the backwater of Australian racing according to some self declared experts on all things equine.
  • Made even more famous as Andrew Carter's Nom Du Plume. She was an absolute champion.
  • Occy I see you have quickly moved on after your AFL season has ended. I moved on about Round 8. @-)
  • Prince Turbo River Runs RedSomeday One DaySpondulaCosmic JeuneyFirst Among EqualsThe DanksterAmerican StarStrong Value's I have had a punt on all of thee above to place in an multi $2584.70/1   :-B :-B  If it comes in you may have to change your us…
  • Gareth Hall evidently asked Michael Grant if the jockeys may have been a bit precious by refusing to ride on the track and Grant said they were entitled to consider safety paramount.
  • Good to see Rio's favourite Eagle made the All Australian squad. At least his trade value will be up when the Eagles follow Rio's recommendation to get rid of him.
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • Libertybelle Midfrew $2.80 goodness gracious. $51 for the Interdominion Final. When bookmakers were bookmakers a horse like Libertybelle Midfrew would be 500/1 at this stage. Prices are relevant to what the punters are prepared to take. During the…
    in GP- 26/8 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • Eagles have played their best football in the last two games and have returned to the form that took them to the Grand Final last year. I thought Jetta set the standard with two sublime passes into the forward line in the first quarter. Faded but wi…
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • Racetrack commenced in 1964 and evolved from "Sports Novels" which started publication in 1946. Has gone the way of The Sporting Globe, Turf Monthly, Practical Punting Monthly and many others overtaken by the digital era.
  • This is the best football that the Eagles have played under Simpson given the quality of the opposition. Never seen Hawthorn fumble so much in any game in the last 5 years. Eagles fans will be holding their breath waiting for the Naitanui diagnosis.…
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • Ginger Rocco's two up game was huge in the 60s through to the opening of the Casino. Ginger was the biggest punter at the trots in those days and raced quite a few trained by Fred Kersley. When he went to court for illegal gambling gave his occupati…
  • Hey Falcon, just imagine how good Naitanui would be if he had any ability. :))
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • Kennedy may have a questionable record against top teams but he was the major difference between the two teams yesterday.
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016
  • 'Mad Mark' there's a character..he was as wild a punter as I've seen. Super knowledgable but a burning temper. Seen him throw his money into the air and walk away in disgust. I'm talking 50s too! How could anybody do that?!!! Last saw him at…
  • RWWA through industry distribution. I only mentioned the Equine Codes as I believe the Greyhounds can hold their own as purely off course venues if indeed they survive the escalating animal welfare issues. The Dictator would also have control over C…
  • Pretty sure the SA proposal does include TAB's but the original comment from the financial "experts" said that there was only a small amount comparatively wagered by SA residents with Tabcorp. SA is serviced by Unitab so I would assume that the bul…
  • I doubt that either the SA or WA Governments have thought this one through. I can't see that under fair trade they can impose a net profit tax of 15% on Corporate Bookmakers without the same tax applying to Australian based TABs.
  • Are you forgetting how Perth Racing carried on when RWWA wanted to grant Kalgoorlie a stand alone meeting for their Cup.
  • I believe that this is the work of the SA Treasurer whose qualification for the job is that he was a taxi driver.
  • They are now nearly the worst team in the 8 and my mob are close to the worst team in the bottom 8.
    in AFL 2016 Comment by Aquanita August 2016