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  • They ran the Interdominion Grand Final at GP a few years ago on a Sunday afternoon, so this Sunday would/should be okay. Just saying.
  • The Northam abandonment is embarrassing to the sport. A sprinkling of rain- a new 4 wheel drive mobile sitting idle at GP - and the Northam track below standard.
    in Northam Cup Comment by lick February 6
  • What about having this meeting Sunday 14th Feb- lockdown finishes at 12.01am.  Actually, it should end 59.999999999999999999999 seconds earlier than that.
  • Be three weeks between runs - not ideal - but yes worth thought.
  • What is wrong with age racing, C and M and Open racing, all RBD - best horse wins.
  • wow - that's a caress of the riding crop. Everything should be "amazing, awesome and absolutely". Hope I haven't offended any one or their mental health.
  • Prize money stays local - happy with that.
  • Well, I happen to like Basil - he is a very funny man (last day on 6PR this morning,now!). He is not afraid to give his opinion, to knock his football and commentating is just tall poppy rubbish. He's having a go in life and will make his mark. Basi…
  • Half mile tracks at country meetings (inc GP Tuesday) do produce exciting races. its only when they can all go 1.56 the front runners have the advantage.
  • How would a staggered mobile gate go - that is the 9 gate is, say, two metres in front of gate 1. imagine the barrier arm at just a slight angle to gives something those drawn wide. I remember the yappa's somewhere having such a contraption.
  • Not an ad in today's West for Wa Pacing Cup and Italian Night????? Obviously don't want a huge crowd!
  • He doesn’t win every race. What percentage of city/provincial prize money does he win - 15% I don’t know, but there is still plenty for everyone in my opinion. Pity he never acknowledges or gives credit to Grant and Alana - never does.
    in BOB Comment by lick November 2020
  • EVENS, 10/9, 5/4, 11/8, 6/4, 13/8, 7/4, 15/8, 2/1, 9/4, 5/2, 11/4, 3/1, 13/4, 7/2,(then space for non starter) 15/4, 4/1, 9/2, 5/1, 11/2, 6/1, 13/2, 7/1, (15/2 maybe not sure), 8/1, 9/1, 10, 11,12,14, 15, 16, 20, 25, 33, 40, 50, 66, 100, 150 and 200…
  • There was at one time very close at Belmont racecourse a "Give Way" sign - which someone with a texture pen wrote "Give George Way a kick in the ****". 
  • That I know / they haven’t evolved. It’s up to them to think outside the square- much as the corporate betting agencies have. The train has probably left the station - no on course crowds - 5 hour race meeting for 12 minutes of racing - 40 minute ga…
  • The bookies ring has been oh so boring for many many years.  What happened to the characters who used to yell out their odds, were better than tote odds, looked you in the eye and said "thank you".  Some of the drama went when the knob twisting boar…
  • Where does one find replays please. The bookies odds were very tight on most runners. R2 the rank outsider was $3.50 (5/2) in a six horse field.
  • When does some "body/organisation" say "no, we are not changing, our current whip rules are adequate and do not harm the horse".  Please do not let us end up a no-whip sport. A stance will not alter betting behaviour, the horse is better looked aft…
  • What happened last two races - abandoned??
  • Pig of a man just like KP was.
  • The bloke is just a fat arrogant narcistic  pig. 
  • They made Alan Bond a hero for winning the Americas Cup and rejuvenating Fremantle - BUT he stole 1200 million dollars to do it - repeat 1200 million dollars - to make a big fella of himself. Karma got him in the end.
    in Paul Whyte Comment by lick July 2020
  • Had a share in a horse with him PW years ago - could never get our share of prize money from him - always an excuse, always a battle. With what we know now he should have been paying bonuses. Put him away!
    in Paul Whyte Comment by lick July 2020
  • If having a drink, remain seated. Do not stand or walk!
  • I can go to a crowded shopping centre, but not Belmont on a freezing cold day.
  • Can't wait to get back to the track and pay $15 to get in, can't wait to pay exhorbitant drink prices, and can't wait to pay $13 for a basic burger. Can't wait to wait 40 minutes between races. Can't wait to see security people everywhere. Just sayi…
  • I agree that our sport is the "trots", but we have a massive problem in generating new interest in our magnificent sport.  Punters are no longer interested in 3 minute races, hobby drivers, barrier draws killing your chances, late night racing etc. …
  • A racehorse is a racehorse - they race. No one knows when a tendon is going to go, or in our case an ankle or achilles tendon.
    in Tuscan Queen Comment by lick April 2020
  • Showed no respect to his Mum and Dad - no remorse at all. Its up to you Ben, no one else. Showed no sign of wanting to change.
  • Nathan Turvey trained the second horse in the first at Pinjarra races today, and driving at Pinjarra trots this afternoon. Hope he does well in both codes, however he may in time be another who changes codes full time.