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Recent Comments

User KTQ

KTQ 11 Dec | Posts: 36

Well then really, that's the trainer's fault - not the handicappers. And I'm not sure that's how handicapping works in WA. I'm 95% sure you cant drop to a C4 to a C1 based on a losing sequence. Mares can drop a class against the boys, and juniors can drop a cl...

User JayJay

JayJay 11 Dec | Posts: 3556

Yep, old "qualifying stakes" was for 2.25 or better which equates to C3....agree the RBD of The San Simeon Final makes for a potential no contest.

User savethegame

savethegame 11 Dec | Posts: 442

Most punters trust    how hong kong racing runs break the rules your throwin out or even put behind bars...hong kong jockey club are going enforce new rules regarding jockeys availability  to ride elsewhere which could led to damage to there pro...

User curmudgeon

curmudgeon 11 Dec | Posts: 438

Because at GP C1's can be competitive against C8's if they are drawn inside.....such is the pegs advantage. Also C1's are not always genuine C1's ie they may have been C4's who have dropped back after a series of losses

User KTQ

KTQ 11 Dec | Posts: 36

but why are C1's entering for M0 races? When I was a kid, you generally wouldn't enter for GP on a Friday unless you'd won 4 country races from memory.

User curmudgeon

curmudgeon 11 Dec | Posts: 438

Sat night numbers1.     1-5-8-72.     2-1-6-43.     1-3-2-10 (SR 1)4.     1-9-2-75.     10 (SR 1)- 11 (SR 2) - 1- 26.      2-1-6-77.      7 - 10(SR 1) - 12...

User KTQ

KTQ 11 Dec | Posts: 36

Does anyone have any suggestions on where we can advertise for stablehands/track work staff, or know of anyone looking for a job? I've tried the job board on, Twitter, messaged the South Regional TAFE, put it on the WA Harness Trader and Austral...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 11 Dec | Posts: 14494

gee, just logged on to Mandurah at 2ish..all ok until this week...opening balance of $ complaints there....this week arrum boy  $7.90 + $2.00 = $9.90r/vik place $2 & rem berlin $2.10     = $4.10   total for 9/12 =...

User RIO

RIO 11 Dec | Posts: 13107

You sure they didn't get the wrong jockey??? Simone on the 2nd horse stopped riding a few strides out and nearly looked to pull it up, but randy was on a animal paddling at best and if he did much more he could have been accused of flogging a dead horse!?!?!!?...

User Chris

Chris 11 Dec | Posts: 3550

Show me your calculations week to week @thefalcon