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Forum Rules

Forum Rules

Perth Turf Talk was started in 2005 to offer a solution to users wishing to engage in discussion in relation to the West Australian Racing industry. 

Perth Turf Talk does not tolerate and will delete posts containing the following: 

  • Unconstructive topics, topics not related to a specific board or posts discussing moderator actions. 
  • Defamatory, false or misleading statements. 
  • Discussion of illegal activities. 
  • Insulting comments or remarks. 
  • Offensive material, avatars or signatures. 
  • Bad language or profanity (or attempts to bypass profanity filters). 
  • Abuse to other forum users or members within the industry. 
  • Spam, advertising or unapproved promotion. 

Members failing to comply with the rules will receive one initial warning. Should that same member violate the forum rules for a second time their account will be terminated without notice and be permanently banned from joining the forum. Access to this forum is a privilege and not a right. 

Perth Turf Talk does however, recognise the need for opinion. There are some horses that will consistently let punters down and there are some jockeys that will continually fail to deliver to the standard of certain inpiduals. Every user is entitled to their opinion and the definition of a discussion board is to "discuss" a topic and provide information, fact and logic to support your opinion. 

Perth Turf Talk will under no circumstances delete or modify posts that contain a well supported opinion. Even if the opinion is not agreed upon by the majority of users or the moderators of Perth Turf Talk, it is still a valued opinion and every user has a right to one. 

Perth Turf Talk recognises all privacy rights in respect to details provided upon joining the forum however reserves the right to provide this information to any relevant person or corporate body should Perth Turf Talk feel the forum guidelines have been breached. 

Please do not post complaints on the forum as they will be deleted, instead e-mail to discuss or contact an Admin directly. 

Please feel free to reply to this post with any questions or queries regarding the rules of Perth Turf Talk

Recent Comments

User JayJay

JayJay 04 Apr | Posts: 5172

A very pertinent question ....could be extended to ask what has happened to heats and finals full stop. I am very much in favour of their the Oaks, Derby, Golden Slipper, Pacing Cup, Christmas Gift, Christmas Handicap etc etc. I think it has been ...

User brady

brady 04 Apr | Posts: 1289

Watch me Dance So close yet so far ????????


H-BOMBER 04 Apr | Posts: 7856

Up the Baron ??

User KTQ

KTQ 04 Apr | Posts: 151

What happened to Derby Preludes?

User Dodgey94

Dodgey94 04 Apr | Posts: 68

Was a great tough win

User paraletic

paraletic 04 Apr | Posts: 3414

What next for Red Can Man? What a horse, showing its quality again.

User bookielover

bookielover 04 Apr | Posts: 2171

Huge turnover on Betfair.A race at Roma today, sand track, wouldn't know one horse from another, yet they matched around $140,000.A couple of reasons for it. Firstly, they would have signed up heaps of new accounts.Secondly, no racing in England so the POms ar...

User Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck 04 Apr | Posts: 2192

Second starter wins the feature 2yo race of the season. Don't say punting is hard. And did it the tradesman's way too breezing, beat the fave fair and square.

User DamienWyer

DamienWyer 04 Apr | Posts: 6802

Second starter wins the feature 2yo race of the season. Don't say punting is hard.

User Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck 04 Apr | Posts: 2192

The Harrison hoodoo continues...... :-q