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Caralabek plunge highlights cheating and incompetence news

Caralabek plunge highlights cheating and incompetence

Terry Leighton | Metropolitan Racing | Wed 5 July, 2017

Caralabek is a reasonable stayer going around at in the 5th at Belmont today. It was a $17 chance with most agencies yesterday, a major reason for this would have been the fact that both front bar shoes were on.

Reviewing the odds this morning I notice Caralabek has been backed into $4 from the $17 (Quoting TabTouch odds) opening price. Clearly a strong move, even for the current corporate bookmaking standards we are accustomed to.

These type of plunges happen all the time so this doesn't concern me. Then I see a late annoucement on the CRIS website -

Race 5: (1) CARALABEK - Bar Shoes (Both front) OFF

Are we seriously going to sit back and cop this? There will be a $250 fine for the stable. They could have backed it to win $50k+. There will be denials from the stable that they don't know 'who's money it was'. Sick of being taken for a fool. If you want to believe that then fine. Guessing you are a 55 year old man still writing out a list for Santa Claus.

It isn't even the stable that upsets me. It is the powers to be which allow this to happen. Simple - SCRATCH THE HORSE. Or at worst make it run with the gear that was initially published in the racebook.

We are an industry set up for cheats. Nobody in the main stream media will ever write anything about this because it isn't a good news story and might put their job in jeopardy.

So let's keep doing what we are doing. Hide the cheating and incompetence and promote the falsehoods of whatever is left of this industry. 

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User buffy

buffy 07 Jul | Posts: 268

Ibacked Caralabek on tues at $17ew because in my opinion based on its last run it was overs. Down from a 65 plus Saturday race with only a half kilo more in a  ordinary midweek event. Underpants said he was on Saxapak  which finished  2.3 lenght...

User Tivers

Tivers 06 Jul | Posts: 7190

Only gear change that mattered in that race was the gear falling from the sky.

User psycho

psycho 06 Jul | Posts: 262

ALL gear changes should be notified at acceptance time, if there are changes to shoeing these horses should be scratched. Blinkers etc. have to be notified so why not shoeing? I have been told by people that sometimes the farrier makes a change to this piece o...

User Underpants

Underpants 05 Jul | Posts: 17

nothing to see here really. whether you agree with it or not there's a perception bar plates don't go good in the wet and if they've pulled them off because of that then thats acceptable every day of the week. then the plunge (if you can call 11.04 am bets a p...

User Lendmefifty

Lendmefifty 05 Jul | Posts: 223

I backed it last start at $31's I think, but didn't take it today as it was not good value. I agree, they should've put more effort in to notification. Usually, bar plates don't scare me off but the stats do say to leave them alone, and a lot of punters run fo...

User GaryH

GaryH 05 Jul | Posts: 1004

I wouldn't have touched @Tivers horse @ the $41 on offer with Tabtouch.  But the $71 @ Centrebet had to be taken......  Bloody thing is inconsistant....

User carey

carey 05 Jul | Posts: 5971

and tivers' horse had them on still.that'll teach 'em! =))

User carey

carey 05 Jul | Posts: 5971

the $17 would have been wrong, but it is irrelevant, because it happens TOO OFTEN, and the amount of times they win is much more frequent than stats say they other words, they should win with the same frequency, as horses do, without late notificatio...

User Legless

Legless 05 Jul | Posts: 5063

Was it backed into $4 before the announcement was made that the bars were coming off?If so, one could say the punter(s) that hit it are as keen as catshite ( and/or have plenty $-) $-)  ) unloading onto something with bar shoes on that hard ;)) ;)

User MinesACorona

MinesACorona 05 Jul | Posts: 146

Someone making a mountain out of a mole hill. As Diva as already said wet track, extra weight of the shoe. IMO nothing untoward going on.