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Jockeying For Position: Aaron Mitchell news

Jockeying For Position: Aaron Mitchell

Chris Nelson | Metropolitan Racing | Mon 3 April, 2017


I sometimes feel jockeys are a little protected by the media and racing public and we need to remember they are sports men and women.  How often will you read scathing articles about footy players or cricketers detailing every little flaw with their games?  As the general public, I think it is important (while not attacking anyone on a personal level) that we need to be more accepting that criticism is going to be a massive part of this game.  I've even included some nice things (against my nature) to help ease us into this new and wonderful world of accepted constructive criticism.


One of the most improved riders in WA which probably has a lot to do with the opportunities afforded to him by the Miller yard.  Surprisingly still claims at city meets despite seemingly being around for quite a while.  Rides them out well enough and is usually a reliable jockey without being spectacular.


Often cannot use full claim due to his MRW being 55kgs.  This isn't really a weakness he can do a great deal about, but it does make life harder for him.  On a leader (which he rides a lot for Simon Miller), he does seem to let them roll a touch early and is often found wanting in the final 50m.  Think he could hold them up a little longer in that sense, but all in all is a jockey which seems to always be improving.  Still has a bit of work to do on his tactical riding in big races, which makes the Seannie appointment a big one for him and really interesting viewing this Saturday.


A reasonably well rounded, strong jockey.  Do not favour him on any particular type of runner.


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