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Playing for Sheep Stations at the Millions news

Playing for Sheep Stations at the Millions

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 8 February, 2018

After a long carnival and Ascot Summer, three remain in the 2017-18 Raceday Grand Final.

Fastmoney, a recent forum retiree who has offered so much in terms of content, yet offered even more this season as he seeks the fairytale ending.

thedoc, a humble long-timer of PTT, who remains silent on the forums and is yet perhaps the one with the most to lose.

sonny, as honest as the day is old in everything PTT has to offer and deserved of his chance at greatness.

Good luck to all as they battle for the $500 main prize for PUNTA's return next Saturday.

2 Comments | 3 years ago

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User sonny

sonny 08 Feb | Posts: 781

Thanks Hash. See you on the 24th and punt with the free bets. Thats if I win....I will be there whatever the outcome. Good luck Fastmoney and Doc.. 

User hash

hash 08 Feb | Posts: 6973

Letís get it sonny