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PUNTA to cease operations. news

PUNTA to cease operations.

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 4 October, 2018

It is with much regret and sadness that the boys at PUNTA have decided to cease operations indefinitely.

Declining turnover and the leakage of customers to corporate online bookmakers, who have built their business on the back of loopholes in taxation laws over the years, has made the game of bookmaking unviable in its current form.

Add to this the increase in product fees, turnover tax and the inflexibility of authorities in WA to allow for rebate on bet backs (which are allowed in all other states) have meant Jason Cheetham, Matt Rigby and Chris Nelson have decided they would be much better off having a punt and a beer with you all at the bar.

We have appreciated your support and having you as a client. We walk away proud that we have offered true value and have never banned a client or restricted their available bet size.

With respect to any existing balances in your accounts, feel free to withdraw using the normal methods, making sure your account details are correct. The support e-mail is still in operation. Otherwise, feel free to continue punting via the Best Bookies platform using identical login details.

See you on course in the future and sadly, not in the bookies ring.

We bet ya. 2005-2018. 

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User sonny

sonny 04 Oct | Posts: 628

Thanks for your efforts..  

User jum

jum 04 Oct | Posts: 2544

^^^^^^^^^ Spot on Spink ^^^^^^^^^^^

User spinking

spinking 04 Oct | Posts: 2225

Obviously to hard to continue here in WA at least they gave it a crack, and run a good comp here on this forum, good luck to the 3 of you in whatever you decide to do in the future