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Raceday to return with a twist news

Raceday to return with a twist

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 20 July, 2017

Perth Turf Talk will be relaunching it's ever popular tipping competition, Raceday, this August.

After carey came from another impossible ladder position to clinch victory in the last edition, the top 16 go yet again without a victory despite earning a two week advance in the finals period.

This edition will pose a unique twist, with competitors able to change their selection with 5 minutes before each race meaning that even those lagging from the rear on any given day, may pull a rabbit out of a hat in the 'get out' stakes. This will also mean that those who have the same selection come Race 8 are given a final roll of the dice to take the honours.

Each participant will be allowed a set number of 'changes' per race, not allowing those to follow market plunges all card. Any late minute change will be highlighted to everyone and active, online users displayed.

The stakes will yet again be high and it's never been more strategic.


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User thefalcon

thefalcon 11 Dec | Posts: 14494

gee, just logged on to Mandurah at 2ish..all ok until this week...opening balance of $ complaints there....this week arrum boy  $7.90 + $2.00 = $9.90r/vik place $2 & rem berlin $2.10     = $4.10   total for 9/12 =...

User Chris

Chris 11 Dec | Posts: 3550

Show me your calculations week to week @thefalcon

User thefalcon

thefalcon 10 Dec | Posts: 14494

still reckon i'm correct...$475.40...not being petty but every buck counts with spitz breathing down my neck...

User rustyh

rustyh 10 Dec | Posts: 2027

~:> Looks like your progressive score Falc.$72.50 first week then $10.90 etc. B-)

User thefalcon

thefalcon 10 Dec | Posts: 14494

:-?? :-?

User Chris

Chris 10 Dec | Posts: 3550

72.5 72.510.9 83.418.4 101.88 109.823.9 133.721.4 155.16.1 161.223.5 184.713.6 198.329.3 227.620.2 247.826.7 274.512.7 287.213 300.24.4 304.612.4 31778.5 395.514 409.5 +59 = 468.5

User udontknow

udontknow 10 Dec | Posts: 292

All free bets have been paid. Luckily for me it wasn't available yesterday as it would have been all gone lol

User thefalcon

thefalcon 10 Dec | Posts: 14494

I have chris..opening balance $461.40 + winnings $14.00 = $475.40hope I don't finish up with a mooch full of googy egg... :\">

User Chris

Chris 10 Dec | Posts: 3550

It's a free bet @Bfacey77

User Bfacey77

Bfacey77 10 Dec | Posts: 520

All free bets have been paid. Just had a look in my account nothing has showed up.