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Raceday to return with a twist news

Raceday to return with a twist

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 20 July, 2017

Perth Turf Talk will be relaunching it's ever popular tipping competition, Raceday, this August.

After carey came from another impossible ladder position to clinch victory in the last edition, the top 16 go yet again without a victory despite earning a two week advance in the finals period.

This edition will pose a unique twist, with competitors able to change their selection with 5 minutes before each race meaning that even those lagging from the rear on any given day, may pull a rabbit out of a hat in the 'get out' stakes. This will also mean that those who have the same selection come Race 8 are given a final roll of the dice to take the honours.

Each participant will be allowed a set number of 'changes' per race, not allowing those to follow market plunges all card. Any late minute change will be highlighted to everyone and active, online users displayed.

The stakes will yet again be high and it's never been more strategic.


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User Jell

Jell 14 Oct | Posts: 453

Playing with the big boys today and certainly struggling so far :((

User carey

carey 02 Oct | Posts: 5571

i was in no race last week, although I DID make selections AND saved them.

User Chris

Chris 02 Oct | Posts: 3486

No, technically that would reset it but I'll do an audit.

User Fastmoney

Fastmoney 02 Oct | Posts: 4435

What issues? As always you just click your name for a recountCompetitors about to hit the $20 mark (transferable to Punta), is the prize figure shown overridden by adding the placings from clicking on your name?

User Chris

Chris 02 Oct | Posts: 3486

What issues? As always you just click your name for a recount

User thefalcon

thefalcon 02 Oct | Posts: 14278

I reckon its a rudderless ship atm...

User spinking

spinking 02 Oct | Posts: 1101

Think there might be more than a few glitches there are people above me who have not won as much  or won or been placed more yet still above me in the pecking order

User hash

hash 02 Oct | Posts: 5138

sign of tough times sonny... there has been an official cut in prizemoney, did you not receive the memo?  :P

User sonny

sonny 02 Oct | Posts: 447

Hi, I won my group and received 3.00 ,must be plenty of glitches..Thanks

User Jell

Jell 30 Sep | Posts: 453

@carey I went to change my tip in the last since Danefin was scratched and noticed all my selections were gone from last night. Must have been a glitch in the system :-B