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Rednblack's seventh victory sets up season news

Rednblack's seventh victory sets up season

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Sun 26 February, 2017

Winning is everything in Raceday.

Despite having a start less than all other competitors in the top 10, Rednblack's remarkable winning consistency has seen him firmly positioned in the top 5 all season and after yesterday's victory in top grade, he now settles 2nd behind Rodent after making it 7 from 14.

His 50% strikerate and win tally is the highest achieved in Raceday history.

Rodent does not look catchable based on rating points and his minor placing helped cement that with one week of normal competition to go. There was a couple of movers in PAUL and rhig1971 from Race 3 who broke into the top 16, and in turn pushed others out, however it appears those in the top echelon look fairly settled now.

keymeup sits in the undesirable position of 65th as he sweats on one final performance to make the finals cut off.

Those ranked 33rd to 64th will go into the first 'all-in' do or die final, whilst the top 32 (who will still have the option to compete stress-free) take the week off. The rest of the competition bows out if not placed in the top 64 after next Saturday, so expect the rough selections to become the majority.

Last competition's table topper BlacksAFake failed to progress past his first final proving that a single bad performance can undo a season of success.

Good luck to those in the run.


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