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Rodent, Razza & Hodgey gone as top 10 collapses news

Rodent, Razza & Hodgey gone as top 10 collapses

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 30 March, 2017

They came, they saw, they conquered the season and then they fell in their first and only appearance in finals.

It's as simple as that. Carey ranked 32nd snailed out a victory over the season leader Rodent whos performance can only be described as hideous.

Razza, 2nd, showed slightly more vigour but it wasn't near enough.

Fourth placed and compulsive winner Rednblack is now the favourite to take out the Raceday riches. Even his performance was nothing more than fortunate.

Most of the top 10 bowed out and there only a couple of exceptions with MuzzaD too good for former champion RIO. Underpants was also stunning with $33 tucked in.

Only sixteen finalists remain and there are capable snipers amongst them. On Monday, there will be just eight.


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