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Stewards imposed $250 fine costs punters a lot more news

Stewards imposed $250 fine costs punters a lot more

Terry Leighton | Metropolitan Racing | Tue 23 May, 2017

It is a pet peeve for most punters when gear changes are not submitted to the race book and it is common opinion that the punishment doesn't quite fit the crime.

I have no doubt 95% of these errors are honest mistakes with no sinister motives.  But I also have no doubt with the leniency of the fines handed out and the acceptance of any excuse from the stewards that the more cunning out there realize they can use it to their advantage.

Here is the late stewards report for War Jeune from the 13th of May (for those who were on, it isn't overly pretty reading) -

WAR JEUNE - Trainer Mr S Wolfe was interviewed in regard to the reason for the gelding racing without its approved gear (blinkers) as published. Mr Wolfe advised that the blinkers were inadvertently not fitted when the gelding was saddled and as he did not realise his error it was presented to race without blinkers. Gear checks conducted by officials failed to detect this oversight and consequently WAR JEUNE raced without blinkers. The race results have since been amended to show that WAR JEUNE raced without blinkers and that it will race with this piece of gear on at its next start. Mr Wolfe subsequently pleaded guilty to a charge under AR.140A for negligence in omitting to include blinkers when saddling WAR JEUNE with it racing without that piece of gear. In all of the circumstances, Stewards imposed a fine of $250.

$250.  Not good enough.  This was a horse who was backed 13s to 6s before this was known and there would have been $20,000+ available to be laid on the horse on betfair.  And the fine is $250.  

I do believe this to be an honest mistake from the Wolfe camp and make no accusations of anything more.  But that doesn't change the fact it has potentially changed the result of the race.  Where the hell is the deterrent if you can leave arguably the most important piece of gear off a race horse for a measly $250 fine?  Pocket change to a lot of the bigger stables.

Stronger deterrents rid our great industry of these errors and make the crooks think twice.  Once again the punter who funds the industry is put a long last.

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User spinking

spinking 24 May | Posts: 2225

Your correct Runyon by memory it was one of P. Smythes when possibly S.J.Miller may have been in charge

User runyon

runyon 24 May | Posts: 545

Didn't the stewards let the wrong horse run in a race at Kal a few years back. I reckon it's being a bit optimistic thinking they'll pick up a set of blinkers missing if a whole horse can get past them.

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 23 May | Posts: 8991

Too true Thumper those types of fines certainly cured me from going over the speed limit.

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 23 May | Posts: 8991

That would be correct Spinking think The Sting and Paper Moon came out the same year. Funny movie that Paper Moon - Tatum O'Neal and her real life dad were a couple of con artists. Later she married John McEnroe.

User Thumper

Thumper 23 May | Posts: 791

Off subject but it's only a $50 fine for forgetting the silks. Make it a 5k fine or scratch the horse and see how many trainers forget the silks.

User spinking

spinking 23 May | Posts: 2225

Riders taking this post miles off track here but vaguely remember going to the drive ins with the oldies years ago and watching the sting and for some reason a movie called paper moon might have been on the same night might be miles off but associate those mov...

User The_Real_Peterman

The_Real_Peterman 23 May | Posts: 190

I remember hearing of horses in the UK/Ireland being barred from competing as punishment for performing below par i.e being given 'barrier trials' in races. I think it was even Aiden O'Brian's horse, too. Maybe bar the Wolfe stable from racing for a week and I...

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 23 May | Posts: 8991

Haha No Spinking just coincidence. Did watch a movie an old one out from the cobwebs called The Sting ( Newman & Redford at there ultimate best ). Any young punter who hasn't seen it or heard of it ( heaven forbid ) I recommend immensely. Movies a...

User spinking

spinking 23 May | Posts: 2225

Riders you by any chance watch the movie shooter on fox last night and if you did you would realise why I ask ( checkes&balances)

User thefalcon

thefalcon 23 May | Posts: 15894

^^ you hit the nail on the head, carey.