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Terry Leighton signs out of Perth Turf Talk news

Terry Leighton signs out of Perth Turf Talk

Chris Nelson | Metropolitan Racing | Mon 29 April, 2019

Like many tipsters before him, Terry Leighton has been poached as Perth Turf Talk's resident tipster by International betting exchange congolomerate, Betfair. 

He follows a long line of tipsters that include Aaron Delaporte, Greg Hooper and Scott Embry that have carved their wares on this website before departing for more extensive media.

PTT would like to thank Terry for his contribution - a well read, long running column that netted plenty of high priced winners and provided even more laughs.

Stay tuned for the next analyst to be announced.

21 Comments | 3 years ago

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User Rodent

Rodent 12 May | Posts: 5975

Ordinary effort 1st up but got the chocolates finishing in the black 2nd up. Well done Terry and condolences on the passing of your father.

User thefalcon

thefalcon 03 May | Posts: 18450

so you'll still be domiciled in Perth, Terry?

User saxonsaxoff

saxonsaxoff 03 May | Posts: 176

Terry’s debut preview on Betfair link below for anyone interested Li...

User TerryLeighton

TerryLeighton 03 May | Posts: 1

Been a pleasure to write for Perth Turf Talk and this forum.  Your positive feedback (and negative) has been thoroughly appreciated along the journey and it'd be good to catch up with a few of you for a beer or two at a race meeting in the not too distant...

User hash

hash 03 May | Posts: 7136

Terry’s debut preview on Betfair link below for anyone interested

User hash

hash 02 May | Posts: 7136

Here’s an example sonny.... this link might help get you started to navigate your way through

User sonny

sonny 30 Apr | Posts: 858

Thanks. Will check it out...

User psycho

psycho 30 Apr | Posts: 448

I thought betfair was just an exchange.... No Sonny it is much more than "just" an exchange lots of good info and tutorials for all to read if interested

User thefalcon

thefalcon 30 Apr | Posts: 18450

that's what I thought, sonny but didn't want to appear a bit of a git...

User TheDiva

TheDiva 30 Apr | Posts: 11432

Still in Sydney and loving life last I saw him