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The run home for Raceday finals news

The run home for Raceday finals

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 28 December, 2017

With Saturday marking the final meeting for the Raceday season, those in the hunt will use it as a last chance to cement their position in the finals.

The finals format will be different this year with an AFL-style second chance award to the top 32. The top 16 will have two opportunities to redeem themselves after a loss.

All 64 competitors will line up on Perth Cup day against a single opponent with 1st playing 64th in a do-or-die contest to qualify to the next round.

The length of the finals will primarily depend on the success of the top 32 as bottom 32 competitors will need to continue winning against failing top 32/16 competitors to make it to the instant eliminators. 

thefalcon has been dominant all the season with only the recently missing spitz ever challenging. One could be forgiven for second guessing rustyh in 3rd position, however he has take a rough route to victory and been successful in cementing his first chance at Raceday success.

Good luck to all those competing in Perth's tipping championship.

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User spinking

spinking 18 Jan | Posts: 1275

Geez have to agree with you Grey what a ordinary lot for a Saturday meeting

User Gray

Gray 18 Jan | Posts: 3799

Can we have a bye this week, I'm not liking the fields haha

User jum

jum 15 Jan | Posts: 1781

they have a sub of my tips was scratched and I got the ran 2nd that particular day..not so long ago. :-t  I never got a sub, Though coming in at around the 120 something mark. I know for a fact it would not have helped.Hats of to the...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 15 Jan | Posts: 14615

they have a sub of my tips was scratched and I got the ran 2nd that particular day..not so long ago.

User jum

jum 15 Jan | Posts: 1781

Ive missed out a bit, putting my tips in Friday night and the there is a scratching, Maybe next year we can have a SUB,

User spinking

spinking 15 Jan | Posts: 1275

 Came across what Chris is talking about before I hit the deck my opponent got $3.00 in front of me with 2 races to go then in the next race changed his tip to mine . I thought this is really not cricket but he did not change his tip in the last, so maybe...

User Chris

Chris 15 Jan | Posts: 3579

There was a bug with tips doubling up on Saturday, didn't affect any finals but the Qualifiers have been recalculated.

User Chris

Chris 13 Jan | Posts: 3579

BlacksAFake happy to look into it, PM me. Itís pretty bulletproof though so I doubt it.

User rustyh

rustyh 13 Jan | Posts: 2089

:)> :)>-

User thefalcon

thefalcon 13 Jan | Posts: 14615

sounds like my car.... :))