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The run home for Raceday finals news

The run home for Raceday finals

Perth Turf Talk | Metropolitan Racing | Thu 28 December, 2017

With Saturday marking the final meeting for the Raceday season, those in the hunt will use it as a last chance to cement their position in the finals.

The finals format will be different this year with an AFL-style second chance award to the top 32. The top 16 will have two opportunities to redeem themselves after a loss.

All 64 competitors will line up on Perth Cup day against a single opponent with 1st playing 64th in a do-or-die contest to qualify to the next round.

The length of the finals will primarily depend on the success of the top 32 as bottom 32 competitors will need to continue winning against failing top 32/16 competitors to make it to the instant eliminators. 

thefalcon has been dominant all the season with only the recently missing spitz ever challenging. One could be forgiven for second guessing rustyh in 3rd position, however he has take a rough route to victory and been successful in cementing his first chance at Raceday success.

Good luck to all those competing in Perth's tipping championship.

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User oldhendo

oldhendo 03 Feb | Posts: 465

All good Rio more likely to get something out of the mrs then money from the young bloke. Gave him $2 to mow the lawn many years ago and he still has it.All set to load up tonight, four straight.

User RIO

RIO 03 Feb | Posts: 14277

looks like Fastmoney, the doc and sonny got through...But will wait for the oofficial interpretation of how those sums work out..Bad luck oldhendo, get a loan of the young fella as he has been killing it on that dog of his ;-)

User RIO

RIO 03 Feb | Posts: 14277

the 3 leaders have had all the winnings trebled!?!?!? So how you have to work out if you are in front or not by dividing their total by 3......then working out your own total by adding on the last race to the total, as its not updated until the next race has r...

User Gray

Gray 03 Feb | Posts: 3867

Being free, it means there are unexplained casulties.

User thefalcon

thefalcon 03 Feb | Posts: 17456

I want to know what happened to Spitz and Kramer??????

User GaryH

GaryH 03 Feb | Posts: 1008

How does anyone keep track of who is winning when all the divvies are out of whack!?!?!?! Looks like a couple of them have a $5 handicap start! :D

User RIO

RIO 03 Feb | Posts: 14277

How does anyone keep track of who is winning when all the divvies are out of whack!?!?!?!

User RIO

RIO 03 Feb | Posts: 14277

3 regular posters left, against 4 competition players..Good luck to you all, especially Sonny - so we can have another day on the punt...Old Hendo, so he can bring the winnings to the dogs!!! haha....and Fastmoney. A former poster who is now a turncoat and bat...

User rustyh

rustyh 01 Feb | Posts: 2135

:)> ~:> Gday Chris.How do I transfer the PTT Tipping winnings($31) over to PUNTA ol son? :-? :-?? Been trying for the last week but no go.  @-) Cheers big rooster. :-bd

User Flicky

Flicky 27 Jan | Posts: 3

It said I was on 30 not 22 at the end of last Saturday. It Must have stuffed up