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Through the bottom of a glass 02/11 news

Through the bottom of a glass 02/11

The Ascot Bar Fly | Metropolitan Racing | Fri 1 November, 2019

Was interesting observing the fall out over the #MeechGate on social media this week.

Look the owner pays the bills so he can do what he wants. Laughed though when I read that he was left hurt by Michelle Payne’s tweet calling him a pig. Wow mate you must have thin skin. Grow a set of b*lls…..

What I actually found most amusing was the instant outrage after Linda Meech stated she hoped it got beat. Well what is she supposed to say, I hope it wins by 10 and I will cheering it home. Give me a f**** spell please. Finally someone actually says the truth in the racing game and guess what – the racing game cannot handle it… This is simply because the racing game has corrupted itself to such a level where every single word uttered must be positive. The Sky Presenter Marc Ohlmus was straight onto it tweeting immediately that is was unnecessary and nasty. Pretty much sums up the brainwashing at Sky. Be nice if Marc pushed harder to see Perth’s Saturday metro meetings being showed on Sky 1.

Onto Derby Day and the start of the greatest week in the year.

Sitting out races 1-4 (well nothing that keen on to have a selection early).

Race 5

Massimo clear top pick. At around 6/4 it is a marginal bet however think it wins. He’s crying out for 1200m and also looks like he wants a race with genuine tempo. Massive chop up last start when it was caught wide and McNaught was caught in two minds to stay 3 wide or grab hold. She opted for the latter which in hindsight was the wrong reign to pull as she then had to go four & five wide to get around a camel. Anyway, this sets up nicely for it. Screaming out for 1200m, has the draw to settle right over the speed in the moving line and gets the services of W Pike. I’ve run out of ink with the amount of ticks.

Only other horse I want to back is Carocapo. Drew horribly fresh when crossed and forced to take the sit. Never saw daylight. Draws ideally in a race devoid of real early speed. Brown slings him out and gets complete control.

Race 6 – pass

Race 7

Regal Power is a smart animal. The autumn feature 3yo colts and gelding form is holding up big time. Cockney Crew, Platoon, Fred Dag et all. They have all come back and won Saturday races. Regal Power was the clear pick of that bunch. He meets a fairly average line up for an Asian Beau Stakes and really it appears he has one horse to beat only, Samizdat. I’m happy to be with Regal Power as love the setup of 3 trials leading into this which should keep him on the fresh side. Hopefully Pike can have him midfield and ready to go bang. Real talent. Other than Samizdat who assume they are throwing the kitchen sink at, blinkers, 54kg, I don’t give anything else a chance.

Race 8 – too hard

Race 9

This is a bet dependent on conditions.

If the winners are coming from off speed after being covered up in running (as we saw late in the day last week) then Lady Sass is a bet. I’d be happy to take a shorter price than $4 if that is the case however if it’s not then I wouldn’t take the $4. So what I’m saying is hold fire until we get a track read. Completely unsuited most recent when having to be bustled mid race to use her low draw and park leaders back. It took away her asset which is closing speed. No issue with the ride as CJP was damned if you do or damned if you don’t the way the track was playing. If they are making ground the wide draw is a massive tick in this race as she can park up in the wide with cover position and get an unimpeded run at her opposition.

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Derby Day and Cup Week ignore the BS about pacing yourself early. Go as hard as you can early doors and build the bank.

Good luck and good punting.


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User TheDiva

TheDiva 03 Nov | Posts: 11430

The ups and downs of racing.... good to see a bit of luck for walshy after the week he had a fortnight ago. Great to see BP back in the money too.

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 03 Nov | Posts: 10316

**Proxy now top 4 placings previous 6 from 6 ** Even better than thought. At one stage was unplaced four times in a row Albany/Mt Barker as well as other shocking form. The eight year old has turned it around in style. Had it shot to pieces at the furlong ...

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 02 Nov | Posts: 10316

The third rank outsider in the final race also holding form ok, and noticed poking up near the inside to finish close up to the placings - the sometimes elusive Adrian Mafki. He's been racing quite well. Whereas Mrs. Hartley, recall her winning in town and...

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 02 Nov | Posts: 10316

Really turned it around Proxy..has now run top 4 at previous 5 runs, that's after some woeful efforts, but good to see consistentcy and a solid holding of form and improvement. Was the second rank outsider in the field with only 200/1 chance Mrs Hartley at...


H-BOMBER 02 Nov | Posts: 9466

Proxy was nice for the quaddie

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 02 Nov | Posts: 10316

...and a 33/1 winner to finish up the day, only two last start winners in the race, the favourite Scintillating and the bolter Proxy.

User Ridersonthestorm33

Ridersonthestorm33 02 Nov | Posts: 10316

Good call on Masimo above, hope kept writing those tickets out! Pretty good day for favoured runners, after eight races one winner around 10/1 and the rest approx 5/1 and less.


H-BOMBER 02 Nov | Posts: 9466

Misty Metal looks an absolute special first up. She should beat these

User sonny

sonny 02 Nov | Posts: 856

If you want to hear the truth check out Racing Rant.. Glenn Pollet and Marc Lambourne.. 

User TheDiva

TheDiva 02 Nov | Posts: 11430

Fly is on the board