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User curmudgeon

curmudgeon 20 Feb | Posts: 630

What if.....just the rain and the confusion....someone was yelling out  " pull up it's been called off " .....or words to that effect?What is going to go through your mind as a driver ? do you ignore it ? has someone been hurt  ? have th...

User paraletic

paraletic 20 Feb | Posts: 2490

make an offer @parai'm sure Olivers Twist would be willing to negotiate  :D Just bought shares in a few more yearlings cant afford anymore

User Markovina

Markovina 20 Feb | Posts: 617

Yes but there is a thing called common sense - which i think the stewards here have thrown out the window Likewise in a Ballarat Pacing Cup about 3 years ago  ( there was an issue re Sulky size at that time - actually i think it might have been the manufa...

User Chariotsonfire

Chariotsonfire 20 Feb | Posts: 1263

Completely disagree Marko, the drivers are the culpable ones here and by indicating that Michael Radley should take control you are showing a complete lack of understanding of the current integrity structure for WA harness racing.

User savethegame

savethegame 20 Feb | Posts: 587

The drivers,.... drive the race .......Stewards make the call regarding to continue remember  you have usually  only 30-40 seconds max. to make the call re safety on a 800m. track to give drivers 20 odd seconds  to take action  before they ...

User curmudgeon

curmudgeon 20 Feb | Posts: 630

There may be a bit more to this than meets the eye Marko. We will have to wait and see.Similar events occurred at Pinjarra a few weeks drawn 1  swung sideways and interfered with horses off 10m. Race was restarted ...probably erroneously but...

User JayJay

JayJay 20 Feb | Posts: 3762

It has nothing to do with M.Radley and Gloucester Park Committee. Stewards are RWWA appointments and RWWA controls racing in WA across all tracks.

User Markovina

Markovina 20 Feb | Posts: 617

Just watched the replay of that race now - hadnt bothered to now - because i dont bet in stand starts re the Pacers A few comments Alot of baggers of Harness Racing as a Code - well they can all jump in the lake - i couldnt care less about them - go back to th...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 20 Feb | Posts: 14699

does the owner change stables willy-nilly or do the trainers ask him to move the horse on?

User RIO

RIO 20 Feb | Posts: 13244

make an offer @parai'm sure Olivers Twist would be willing to negotiate  :D maybe he's willing to explain the trainer changes??