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R5. Amelia Park Handicap preview

Ascot R5. Amelia Park Handicap

Scott Embry | Ascot 05 Nov

If we did a phantom call of this race many speed mappers would anticipate the final hundred metres to include Darren McAulley saying "Furious Dame desperately ridden by Turner still a length i...

48 Comments | 7 months ago

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User detonator

detonator 26 Jun | Posts: 547

Saw the Schofield incident close up for the first time today. If anyone says that was more vicious than the Selwood rabbit chop on Mitchell or the Shuey bump to Dangerfields head then you are on drugs. The tribunal are there to keep the stars playing and the...


SLIPPERGOLDEN 26 Jun | Posts: 4775

All the best with your venture Rio.

User carey

carey 26 Jun | Posts: 5434

are not they just noise and irrelevant?i think racings' problems stem from treating the people that pay for it all, with ever increasing much blood can one get from a stone?and it looks like there is more trouble on the way for the poor punters if...

User Fastmoney

Fastmoney 26 Jun | Posts: 4108

Heres a few, Greens, ABC, Animals Australia, RSPCA, Peta and their supporters

User carey

carey 26 Jun | Posts: 5434

we will have to disagree, because in all honesty i have no idea who those activists are.

User JayJay

JayJay 26 Jun | Posts: 3089

Saw a post race photo of him somewhere, woolly winter coat and all...what a striking individual.1.50.2 and 3 wide before breezing....superb. And the second horse goes alright as well, gave him plenty to chase.

User Fastmoney

Fastmoney 26 Jun | Posts: 4108

Agreed it will definitely be racing administrators who fail racing but it won`t be because of internal incompetence, it will be their inability to balance good genuine decision making and decision making based on appeasing activists.

User TheSwooper

TheSwooper 26 Jun | Posts: 1271

Very smart. The 2nd horse did a terrific job as well.

User Chariotsonfire

Chariotsonfire 26 Jun | Posts: 997

Schofield offered a week for guilty plea. this comment belongs in the joke thread Just stating the facts.

User carey

carey 26 Jun | Posts: 5434

well i am lucky i have written code to find this stuff, or i would be in the dark as much as rwwa is!!i guess it does not matter much as racing is fast going the way of the dodo.where in that other thread, fastmoney reckons the activists want racing stopped or...