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User RIO

RIO 16 Dec | Posts: 13112

Just to give it a maximum chance....I will not put a sheckle on it. I will not put it in my novelties, my all-ups, my multis...Nothing...Should romp in by 5 lengthsI will put 1 win on every other horse in the race though ;-)

User thefalcon

thefalcon 16 Dec | Posts: 14503

by golly there are tight markets today..i do not envy punters, the falcon may stay in his eerie and preen his feathers.

User LuckyLongshots

LuckyLongshots 16 Dec | Posts: 4155

The TABS will become housing for self service terminals. Just need someone to change the ticket rolls and be there at closing to empty the machines. Kind of like a laundromat Kind of like a self serve car wash - now surely that's an easy money making machin...

User rustyh

rustyh 16 Dec | Posts: 2032

:-bd :> Rejig after race 2 'itchy nut' incident!  :-j1.8.VENA SCHNITZEL2.1.COGNAC3.2.IT'S IT4.4.SHADY GRAY5.3.WRINKLY6.1.SASSO'S CIRCUS7.7.ZUCCHEROS8.8.PROCLAMATION

User savethegame

savethegame 16 Dec | Posts: 445

  kalg.race2  The protest very surprised it was upheld on a number of fronts, but there you go;;;

User cisco

cisco 16 Dec | Posts: 593

Onya Blackie get home you good thing!!!!Cheers cisco

User TheDiva

TheDiva 16 Dec | Posts: 9550

there it is... $50 at $7

User BlacksAFake

BlacksAFake 16 Dec | Posts: 1954

Cuanzo X_X

User VillageKid

VillageKid 16 Dec | Posts: 769

Apparently, the late start at GP was a Sky Channel thing to accommodate an extra race in Melbourne but a bonus for GP bottom line. Smart move to open facilities early with an "English Breakfast Special" each morning and JP's bar chockers all day for those fed ...

User TheDiva

TheDiva 16 Dec | Posts: 9550

and the selection is?