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User thefalcon

thefalcon 04 Jul | Posts: 18589

BL and mrs BL lob mid november, spinking and we 3 will attend many a meeting.


SLIPPERGOLDEN 04 Jul | Posts: 6387

Computer Sunday SessionCHELMSFORDR2 Eternal Glory 16 ew 3rdR8 Lion's Dream 50 Won started at 20sAYRR5 Tommy G 14 4thMARKET RASENR1 Charle Brune 16 ew 3rdTRAMORER5 Brideswell Lad 20 to 12 4th

User Ngawyni

Ngawyni 04 Jul | Posts: 620 Found the paper almost impossible to understand.

User Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck 04 Jul | Posts: 6506

Yep well done. I copped the early action Denny was plodding +1 early doors and JT as mentioned off to a flying -3 after 3, thought then she's all over redrover.

User spinking

spinking 04 Jul | Posts: 3275

Thought that would not be far away. I take it you and the BL & his better half will be attending a few meetings  Falcon 

User thefalcon

thefalcon 04 Jul | Posts: 18589

take a prozac and lie down,precision. . BL is a close personal mate and i answered his question.

User thefalcon

thefalcon 04 Jul | Posts: 18589

fair dinkum PC, the number of 2400m races we have could be counted on 1 hand and the runners are, no offence, nags. the cup included...except for Bobs.

User detonator

detonator 04 Jul | Posts: 3864

Nice work with JT Bomber. Great selection. Woke up and saw it was a comfortable win. Checked his scorecard and noticed he birdied the first 3 holes which is what you dream about when you have a 54 hole lead. When I checked the leaderboard this mornin...


H-BOMBER 03 Jul | Posts: 9542

Herbert +4 through 9 holes and playing like a crab. Game over for him

User PC

PC 03 Jul | Posts: 1703

Would really like to see more WA horses be competitive in the eastern states at 2400m. I see the Perth Cup winner Midnight Blue has been transferred to Danny O'Brien