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SLIPPERGOLDEN 02 Jul | Posts: 6384

Okay Voodoo I know you have cash to splash after Andy's win  :D Computer tonight. No shortage of races and hopefully some results.NAASR3 Bellick 16. It can win and for me a good roughie each way is Indian Raj @ 40sR4 Eleuthera 16 & Stanhope 14 ewR5 Si...

User Rocket_Reign

Rocket_Reign 02 Jul | Posts: 560

Crowds are a thing of the past the world has moved on thereís to much convenience/comfort at home now, itís a digital world canít ever see anything bringing crowds back

User psycho

psycho 02 Jul | Posts: 458

CJP that was a howler. Riding for luck in a race as weak as that? Plenty of road blocks and he found them. Bob won't be happy. CJP = Catastrophic Jockey Psychosis, at times you would wonder if he would get runs after an Indian Banquet


SLIPPERGOLDEN 02 Jul | Posts: 6384

Certainly did. It would have won easily but he took it via Perth on the turn setting up for the Saturday race.


SLIPPERGOLDEN 02 Jul | Posts: 6384

Must have been a voodoo curse FalconCryptic Love runs an improved race at last. Cryptic Quinella and Sass n Optimistic trifecta made it a decent day

User Chariotsonfire

Chariotsonfire 02 Jul | Posts: 2389

GP is not the only place struggling. The above image from the Rails Betting Ring at Flemington today.

User thefalcon

thefalcon 02 Jul | Posts: 18585

b*gger, missed  magnificent andy...voodoos tip AND blinkers first time!..only myself to blame.. b-(

User Rodent

Rodent 02 Jul | Posts: 6028

Flower in the Wind $60s with a boost, was the one that should of won,Filthy, Just watched the replay  :-&


SLIPPERGOLDEN 02 Jul | Posts: 6384

Well played Voodoo  =D>

User JayJay

JayJay 02 Jul | Posts: 6469

The "good news" is that if the Conditioned Pace falls over aging next week, as it frequently does, then Lavra  (and Typhoon) can go around in exactly the same race next week against the same horses and he has the same chance to draw gate 1 again. Indefens...