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User Markovina

Markovina 18 Jun | Posts: 2918

Yes Brittany is the daughter of Darrel a top flight Qld harness racing trainer/driver back in the dayAmong his big wins he drove the Victorian Pacing Derby winner 1 year at Moonee ValleyAnd he was that famous someone named a pacer after him , wasnt a bad horse...

User oldhendo

oldhendo 18 Jun | Posts: 771

Good to hear, he rode one i had a share in a few years back in NSW, sits well, wish him all the best.

User Rodent

Rodent 18 Jun | Posts: 6565

Trump $1.78 and Biden out to $3.25.

User sonny

sonny 18 Jun | Posts: 1094

My bets ..r3n6...r4n7...r5n12...

User Markovina

Markovina 18 Jun | Posts: 2918

Yes just a couple at GP Tues night for an interest and a tip , and thank goodness these 2 have got professional trainers and drivers The 1st 6 races on the card are quite interesting  actually  Race 2 no 11 Justlike Turbo @ $7 last start 2n...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 18 Jun | Posts: 19772

the slang for $500 is a monkey.


H-BOMBER 18 Jun | Posts: 10165

Rory WD from Travellers. He won't be seen till the Scottish Open and then The Open at Royal Troon, only 24 days away.

User PC

PC 18 Jun | Posts: 1893

Have to wait and see

User Bushbookie

Bushbookie 17 Jun | Posts: 93

Still got me buggered how he got his Bookies licence back after Fine Cotton . The damage done to On Course Bookies Reps is felt to this day . But Clubs love him , got invites everywhere when he got his licence back .

User Bushbookie

Bushbookie 17 Jun | Posts: 93

Yep , think the local Bookies who field in the rain and drizzle would'nt be happy with Robbie walzing in and taking the cream . Robbie would have asked if he could field and the Club invited him then .