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R5. Amelia Park Handicap preview

Ascot R5. Amelia Park Handicap

Scott Embry | Ascot 05 Nov

If we did a phantom call of this race many speed mappers would anticipate the final hundred metres to include Darren McAulley saying "Furious Dame desperately ridden by Turner still a length i...

48 Comments | 2 years ago

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User curmudgeon

curmudgeon 24 Jan | Posts: 1081

Three people I know declared Adrian ....and they weren't the ones who got $81. They had to put up with $40 odd .Sometimes have to look back a bit more than 2 runs and know a little bit more about the horse.

User JayJay

JayJay 24 Jan | Posts: 4377

The answer is the same as 'do you have standing starts in the epicentre of harness excitement"? Can you read, it's printed clearly in every form guide.

User silky

silky 24 Jan | Posts: 236

Mahuta Filly. 1 month old The mahutas I've seen have really impressed me. I have a nice colt out of a stakes placed mare

User Markovina

Markovina 24 Jan | Posts: 787 to new proposed Victorian handicapping system....

User paraletic

paraletic 24 Jan | Posts: 2950

These horses will be racing in his colours, i cant see them being sold to anyone

User therealkramer

therealkramer 24 Jan | Posts: 6410

An update just for you @spinking ....although I thought you no longer read this thread? Moreira now into 3rd in the HK premiership, and just 12 wins behind Karis Teetan(42 winners)Pike 69(27%)J Mac 63(23%)Purton 57(20%)Moreira 30(24%)

User therealkramer

therealkramer 24 Jan | Posts: 6410

I voted for The Autumn Sun-best horse in the country outside of the mare. I just hope this race doesn't derail his Doncaster chances

User Elitist

Elitist 24 Jan | Posts: 293

3yo gelding Mafeking debuts at Pakenham later today for Wyadup Valley farm. Pretty sure they had a very handy stayer of the same name go around 15 odd years ago , even went round in a Winterbottom. Was a fav of mine.

User Tivers

Tivers 24 Jan | Posts: 6791

Better move for MM maybe would be to put more emphasis on the 3yo race - seeing as that's more stand alone than the 2yo's per your points.Say split the total stakes evenly between the two.Get better promo value out of it too then as seen as two big sponsored r...

User Tivers

Tivers 24 Jan | Posts: 6791

True.But that race isn't about RWWA (RWWA Racing).It's purely promotion for MM Sales / private commercial purposes, so nothing ot do with it as I say.