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R5. Amelia Park Handicap preview

R5. Amelia Park Handicap

Scott Embry | 01 Jan

If we did a phantom call of this race many speed mappers would anticipate the final hundred metres to include Darren McAulley saying "Furious Dame desperately ridden by Turner still a length i...

48 Comments | 4 years ago

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User thefalcon

thefalcon 16 May | Posts: 17456

^ very clever, hash... :-B

User Tivers

Tivers 16 May | Posts: 7587

What happened with the ball directly after ? Only way I could see it not being a score is if it was deemed deliberate, free kick to the other team

User Chariotsonfire

Chariotsonfire 16 May | Posts: 2118

You can put Willie on the injured list Deto. Out with joint problem.

User detonator

detonator 16 May | Posts: 2681

12.5.2 Football Touched in Transit A Behind shall still be recorded under Law 12.5.1 if the football is touched in transit by another Player, provided the field Umpire is satisfied that the scoring of the Behind was not assisted by a Player from the same Team...

User detonator

detonator 16 May | Posts: 2681

The rule could be that the ball needs to continue on its natural trajectory. If it comes off hands in a marking scenario then that would be ok. A 10m punch possibly could be deemed not on its natural trajectory. But just a guess all round.

User RIO

RIO 16 May | Posts: 14277

Had the Port game on tonight Kick after the halftime siren by Port, gets punched about 10m out and goes through for a point...however not counted. I thought this was a score? I saw that Bomber an i thought it bounced before it went through the behind ...

User detonator

detonator 16 May | Posts: 2681

Haha. That’s the spirit boys. Defend your man. Love it.Good banter. That’s what I am looking for.Chariots..... think I would rather have flags than Brownlow’s, but flags are hard to win so I understand your emotion towards consolation prizes. Haha.Hey Freo.......

User freodockers

freodockers 16 May | Posts: 867

I can remember an Eagles players who maximised his Media exposure to gain popularity Det. He had tattoos as well, think his name was Ben Cousins, how’s he going. He now has a prodigy Willi Rioli. I could name a few more but can’t be bothered. Such is life.

User Chariotsonfire

Chariotsonfire 16 May | Posts: 2118

I think Detonator can't come to terms that Fyfe is a dual Brownlow Medalist. The only thing the Dockers have achieved that his beloved Eagles haven't.  

User Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck 15 May | Posts: 4840

Definitely a good idea to sound her out. Read something recently where she said she can do 51.5 without too much hassle after she rode Ayrton i think it was, so the weight allotted should be ok. She may have a few options so not sure if she would be prepared...