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User Vincent_vega

Vincent_vega 28 Nov | Posts: 419

Do u have a spare ticket to the winterbottom?

User freodockers

freodockers 28 Nov | Posts: 2536

GP Tonight R2 Sidstrepo R3 Cav Call (Gilga picked it last week very unlucky) R5 Elsamay R7 Sister Act R9 Allwood Wizard small field, lightweight driver, one sprint at Em, 20s fixed is nuts.

User Vincent_vega

Vincent_vega 27 Nov | Posts: 419

I think its more a case of one leads into another, syd leads to melb to bris to adelaide to perth. The merry go round of turnover. I didnt mind the late start time. I did a heap during the day, went out for lunch, finished up and came home for a full arvo ...


H-BOMBER 27 Nov | Posts: 10015

Turnover would have to be down, The Railway was ran at 9pm eastern states time, Would be interested to see the numbers. I have a different take. Those that had a win on the day, most are definitely keeping it going at the late races, better than...

User Muldoon

Muldoon 27 Nov | Posts: 277

Someone must have forgotten to turn on the 600 meter timing equipment for the railway . No sectional on cris for the race Happens a lot

User thefalcon

thefalcon 27 Nov | Posts: 19490

^ i bet it wouldn't have been down for the corporates. maybe up cos many would be alcohol motivated...i know that feeling well..

User AbbysAce

AbbysAce 27 Nov | Posts: 521

Turnover would have to be down, The Railway was ran at 9pm eastern states time,

User Chris

Chris 27 Nov | Posts: 4638

Good guess, 6,500 I was told

User Markovina

Markovina 27 Nov | Posts: 2706

My opinion on Harley re media coverage - i think the West Australian newspaper are allowed like any other newspaper in Aust are allowed to talk him up as much as they like - i mean he is the biggest boom recruit the Eagles have had since Chris Judd Where ...

User AbbysAce

AbbysAce 26 Nov | Posts: 521

Its like Aiden interference, Hes been suspended 3 times in the last few weeks. Group 1 , group 2, but in the cup the twitter keyboarders wanted him relagated? Dlyan holds out a fav for the stablemate, not a good look , fav gets beat, stablemate wins?Now l...