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User Ivorytrunkey86

Ivorytrunkey86 18 Sep | Posts: 54

Race 10 every driver should be fined,absolutely disgraceful watching them drag them back at the start like that

User freodockers

freodockers 18 Sep | Posts: 500

Congrats to Nathan Turvey somehow he worked out he could get the lead from barrier 9 off a short priced fav from barrier 1 that has won its last 5 at GP by leading. Absolute genius.

User detonator

detonator 18 Sep | Posts: 2175

Has the Flying machine worked his way into all Australian selection over the last 6-7 weeks?. Ithink so Taking my biassed hat off, he definitely should be in the squad of 40 as a minimum.He doesn’t appear to have a weakness in his game at the moment. A...

User freodockers

freodockers 18 Sep | Posts: 500

They very tempting odds Mcardles Gem.

User Thunderstruck

Thunderstruck 18 Sep | Posts: 3366

Yep d day tomoz, Hughie has ridden him many times steered all 4 runs of last campaign, however is probably not at his peak atm.

User squid69

squid69 18 Sep | Posts: 1384

Up to 2,000m tomorrow with another change in jockey. The now much maligned Hugh Bowman rides him.Down in class to a Group 3, a strong run needed to justify a trip to Melbourne.

User therealkramer

therealkramer 18 Sep | Posts: 7587

I've commented on his stuff previously and made the same point you have about the lack of legal action pending but it's become increasingly clear he's an agenda driven idiot with a chip on his shoulder. This latest rubbish wasn't worth repeating and as the art...

User tony

tony 18 Sep | Posts: 1928

Maybe Gloucester Park should have advertised this more wildly.Belmont have had a race named "Free entry to Belmont Park" prety well every meetinf since the return  of crowds.


SLIPPERGOLDEN 18 Sep | Posts: 5489

The header for this thread does end with a question mark inviting opinion and you certainly have  stated yours though I would have have been interested in your comments had you read the detailed article even though it wouldn't change your opinion on PP in...

User getthechange

getthechange 18 Sep | Posts: 150

My one Hail Mary which has many caveats in that I have been watching nearly no racing and done no form is McArdles Gem, I thought it might be able to get in behind the 1 to his fav position along the pegs and be dangerous late hope you are right - racing we...