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R2. Champion Fillies Day - Nov 12 Handicap -  1 January 1970 preview

R2. Champion Fillies Day - Nov 12 Handicap - 1 January 1970

Scott Embry | Fri 4 November, 2016


Grinding Grey





Verdello Blue was taken on last start by Kirov Boy and apprentices Randy Tan and Mollie Clark got themselves engaged in an epic stride for stride battle from the 1100m mark, unfortunately for both their winning chances ended at about the 800m mark because they had taken too much out of themselves and were destined to run backwards of midfield, however, for Verdello Blue the old grey legs kept kicking down the entire length of the straight and to only be beaten 2.8 lengths was an incredibly game performance. With W.Pike onboard and no other noted speed horses engaged expect to see the mighty Grey there for a long way. Already Famous comes up at a very attractive $3 quote after destroying his opposition and should get another lovely run in transit. Bedamijo gets out to a genuine trip for the first time and her form around stronger class gallopers is good enough to win.

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48 Comments | 4 years ago

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User Bucks

Bucks 06 Nov | Posts: 140

It's not the $20 entry fee stopping the majority of people going to the races so it would be poinless to can it. The majority of people aren't racing enthusiasts either so having a horse like Kawi go round meant nothing to most. The general public just want to...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 06 Nov | Posts: 17182

the band this year is Eskimo Joe..... :O)

User Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh 06 Nov | Posts: 3379

How much better is a day at the track when there are people there? You are going to spend that $20 regardless so let them spend it on the punt/food rather than walking through a gate.

User paraletic

paraletic 06 Nov | Posts: 3691

They should just throw the gates open every week, except the big days of course. Whats the worse that can happen? Extra turnover on tote, more food and drink sales? No brainer as far as im concerned.

User DamienWyer

DamienWyer 06 Nov | Posts: 6870

Might have been a day for tipsters, but the punters stayed away. NZ passport holders were invited free of charge to come along, but it appears they didn't. Kawi being a multiple group winning horse didn't prove the drawcard that was hoped for by Perth Racing. ...

User loose_goose

loose_goose 05 Nov | Posts: 1863

Kengsington Abbey has come from nowhere in last 12 months.  3rd horse called 5th or 6th lucky I have a set of eyes  8-|


H-BOMBER 05 Nov | Posts: 8389

Oh and boom


H-BOMBER 05 Nov | Posts: 8389

Oh yes. What a day

User brady

brady 05 Nov | Posts: 1334

Settlers Creek

User Yankee

Yankee 05 Nov | Posts: 161

I have just put another 10kgs on Ripper!