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GP- John Higgins Memorial (L)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Master Yossi,  Kimble,  Moonlite Drive,  Rascal
Race 2-   Youre So Fine,  Whos The Dad,  Watts Up Sunshine,  Regal Cheval
Race 3-   Awaitinginstructions,  Master Publisher,  Onesmartfella,  Cloud Nine
Race 4-   Prince Of Pleasure,  Tenzing Bromac,  Watching Our Coin,  The Mustang
Race 5-   Paul Edward,  Peter Petrify,  Rock On Top,  Cheer The Major
Race 6-   Wonderful To Fly,  Steno,  American Arma,  Sheez Our Hope
Race 7-   Manning,  Robbie Easton,  Special Lady,  Name In Lights
Race 8-   Rolling Fire,  All Is Well,  Velocipede,  Soho Firestone
Race 9-   Lenora Jane,  Princess Katie,  Shes A Mare,  Pecunious
Race 10- Bromwich,  Thats Not My Gait,  Evas Image,  Luvaflair

R1- Opal Hunter
R2- Save This Dance
R3- Silver Star Lombo
R4- Johnny Lombo
R5- Sound Wave
R6- Trinity Bromac
R7- Ellucifer
R8- Whoz This

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,552 posts
    Some great racing from GP tonight.

    Something go wrong with Paul Edward on the bend? Looked to put in a funny stride or two.

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