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GP- The Laurie Kennedy (F&M Gp3)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Rocknroll Elliot,  Regal Cheval,  Sugar Apple,  The Kraken
Race 2-   Rolling Fire,  Cordero,  Lil Happy Fella,  Onesmartfella
Race 3-   Jawsoflincoln,  Hotly Pursued,  The Miki Taker,  Soho Santorini
Race 4-   Minstrel,  Ideal Agent,  Finvarra,  Talks Up A Storm
Race 5-   Steno,  Wonderful To Fly,  Taking The Miki,  Rumour Has It
Race 6-   Ardens Horizon,  Fly To Fame,  Feeling Aces,  Otis
Race 7-   Ponzi Beach,  Azterian,  Troopingofthecolor,  You Fly With Me
Race 8-   Hes Never Been Beta,  Rockaball,  Lady Prima Donna,  Lucapelo
Race 9-   Gregarmy,  Our Star Watch,  Disco Under Fire,  Star Of Willoughby
Race 10- Xceptional Arma,  In A Wink,  Luci Kane,  World Secret

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  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,687 posts
    Looks to be some very competitive racing tonight, particularly the race 3 line up which on paper has the potential to be one of the best races we've seen so far this year. That said I haven't found a lot to have a punt on.

    R1 No1 Medieval Man. I'd want at least another $1.50 on his price out to around $4.50 to get involved with a lot of question marks around the race but at that price I'd be happy to have a play on him doing enough to punch through and lead throughout.

    R6 No7 Feeling Aces EW. Horse, along with stable is flying. There is even a crazy world where he could shotgun his way to the top early but at double figure odds I'm happy to be on him with a sit.

    R7 No1 Acoltnamedsu EW. Should follow through Trittrittbangbang and get a beautiful sit. Only needs to improve slightly in it's last run to be fighting out the finish here.

    R8 No1 Lady Prima Donna best bet. Got out to $1.85 a place which made it a sensational EW play but has tightened up again now. Is clearly a roller so its last run looked a bit unders but they just went as fast as it can possibly go over an 800m dash. Holding up here and running even splits I am backing them in to not give the odds on pop a chance to get in to it.

    Good luck all.

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