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GP- APG WA Sales Classics(2yo C&G/F & 3yo C&G/F)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   The Miki Taker,  Lucapelo,  Illawong Mustang,  Galaxy Warrior
Race 2-   Otis,  Rocknroll Elliot,  Soho Santorini,  Lil Happy Fella
Race 3-   Ima Fivestar General,  Rumour Has It,  Flying Rumour,  Wonderful To Fly
Race 4-   Hampton Banner,  Arma Einstein,  Alcopony,  Galactic Star
Race 5-   Ten To The Dozen,  Thenu Came Along,  Grevis,  Menemsha
Race 6-   Copy Cat Queen,  Water Lou,  Xceptional Arma,  I Cross My Heart
Race 7-   Louis Vee,  Mysta Moon Walker,  Control The Room,  The Bettor Side
Race 8-   Copper Head Lady,  Ruby Lou,  Bull Shark Betty,  Bettagetonpip
Race 9-   Cyclone Charlotte,  Sugar Street,  Eldaytona,  Nevermindthechaos
Race 10- Ardens Horizon,  Navy Street,  Lucca,  Mister Montblanc
Race 11- Miki Jet,  Cooper,  Adda Spoilt Major,  Cowboys n Bandits
Race 12- Franco Encore,  Here Comes Sharkie,  Maddy Rocks,  Sidstrepo

R1- Del Bocavista Bay
R2- Ellucifer
R3- Our Lady Jen
R4- Franco Mecca
R5- Military Star
R6- Pacific Eagle
R7- The Thirsty Vet

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Only 1 for me at GP - Race 9 no 8 Cyclone Charlotte e/w @ $4.20 

    Fave will be very hard to beat will lead on its ear - did run good time last week 1st up - but to the eye it scrambled home 

    CC - is a breeze horse been racing top company - if it breezes tonight  just hoping it might be a little too strong 

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  • ChrisChris    5,292 posts
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,793 posts
    Chris said:

    Ive been watching too much footy and not enough racing.

    Should have backed Soho Dow Jones, kicking myself there.

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  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    Hi Gilga, I stuck but missed the early Quad.. Backed Tux and Tails at Narrogin.. 

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    I just call it as i see it and hear it - and i can give severe criticism when i think it is warranted - and i couldnt careless whose nose i put out of joint

    But congratulations to Panda on his high quality calls at GP last night 

    Admittedly ive only just watched the replays of races 7 and 8 the 2 year old classics and race 9 because i had a bet in it - so those are the only 3 races ive seen/heard 

    But those 3 races they were utterly fantastic calls - exciting - gave all the info re sectionals etc - i think the owners of the winners of the 2 big 2 yr old races will get great pleasure watching the replays sveral times of those races  given the outstanding quality of those calls 

    Re employment - you sometimes need a lucky break - unless something unforseen happens , all those plum racecalling jobs around Aust are are locked in 

    So not knowing Panda personal situation but from a career point of view maybe take the Darren Flindall route ( and years ago when i was in Syd - i use to watch and bet   on that Hong Kong racing - found their entire coverage highly entertaining and enjoyable )

    But Flindall went to HK - and so did the SA bloke - Brett someone - so they are showcasing their talents to a very wide audience - and they have both come back to Aust - and got plum Race Calling jobs

    And seeing there has been a few braggers on this thread - oh i backed this and this last night

    Well Race 7 at Ararat Trots for a quiet $6 investment with a $1.24 fave and standout and over the line propostion i did jag both the TRI $154  ( half of ) and the 1st 4  $897 ( half of )  yes with the 3 lady drivers finishing 2nd/3rd/and 4th - and i was so happy when the The Sportz Star zoomed down the outside to grab 4th in the shadows of the post 

    But conratulations to Panda last night - 1st class performance

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    I like a couple at Donaldson Park Bunbury tonight both of course on an E/W basis 

    Race 4 no 11 - Miss Stefani @ $34 ( after win boost ) its last start performance was 1st class - beaten 9 metres by Maungatahi ( handy GP winner - who had the cosy trip behind the leader ) where as in contrast MS got shoved 3 wide at the 1100 - worked hard to breeze and quick closing sectionals stuck on real well - i think $34 is fantastic value

    Plus there are so many runners in this race have got absolutely no hope - plus Scuttle butt was ordinary at Pinj on Monday - and the 2s on fave has certainly not broken the clock here in WA -  or as a 2 yrs old at either AP or Menangle where it had very moderate mile rates- probably the reason why they sold it

    And ive also had to have something on Terror in Texas @ $7.50 in race 6 - got an awkward gate but it is 12 and a half furlongs - it has put in some eye catchers at GP coming from a mile back out wide . Dont rate the fave Per Ardua Ad Astra at all - in fact if someone was holding those 2 horses in a paddock and said you can have 1 of them - id pick  Terror In Texas without a shadow of doubt

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  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    Will add another. r3n10.. 
    .. Think it gets a suck run and a good chance.. One of Gilga's from about 4 starts ago...Form is better than it reads.. 
  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Upcoming race at Pinj - has Haywire got a silly chance - tiny e/w at the big odds 

    Its last 2 runs have been very good 
  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,793 posts
    Markovina said:

    Upcoming race at Pinj - has Haywire got a silly chance - tiny e/w at the big odds 

    Its last 2 runs have been very good 

    I liked it as well although forgot about it during the day so wasnt on. Good run again.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Typical Tab Touch incompetence

    The Trots today are at Young NSW - and the NSW Riverina area Mathew Jones calls the races - so on the Tab Touch race by race odds theyd be his tips 

    However if you click them - theve got them under Pandas name - confused the town name with the surname 

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