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GP- Easter Cup (Gp3)

Harness & Greyhounds
Race 1-   Street Appeal,  Shoot Through,  Beyond Bling,  Eye Better
Race 2-   Golden Lode,  Arma Believer,  Grand Couteau,  Grevis
Race 3-   Dominus Factum,  Rupert Of Lincoln,  Per Ardua Ad Astra,  Burghley Shard
Race 4-   Hoppys Way,  The Miki Taker,  Blitzembye,  Finvarra
Race 5-   Skylord,  Flying Rumour,  All Is Well,  Maungatahi 
Race 6-   Skylou,  Im The Black Flash,  Brickies Dream,  Ardens Horizon
Race 7-   Turn The Page,  Acharne Girl,  Mighthavtime,  Fleur Du Marquis
Race 8-   Mister Smartee,  Galaxy Warrior,  Call To Arms,  Bettor Move Along
Race 9-   El Chema,  Watts Up Sunshine,  Lets Get Rockin,  Solesseo Matuca
Race 10- Hes Never Been Beta,  Sound Wave,  Duty Bound,  Gypsy Dragon


  • GilgameshGilgamesh    4,793 posts
    Being Easter I thought i'd get in the spirit of giving and make a few donations today.

    R2: Market has certainly gone up in favour of the map makers-issue is im not sure the 1 is explosive out and you can combine that with it not exactly looking to be the strongest animal going around. I've had something EW No8 Golden Lodge, not sure how it wins but for mone it's coming off far superior form lines.

    R4: Hoping for an early speed battle from the 1 2,3,4 having something small EW No8 Blitzembye.

    R5: No8 Flying Rumour EW. I lobe All Is Well but I thought he was a risk here. Love to see Flying Rumour charge out-I thought it could cross. Even if not it is still a strong EW chance.

    R6:No4 Im The Black Flash. Just from that trial I thought he was every chance to get over and at the $4.20 early thought it was worth a punt.

    R7: No2 Fleur Du Maquis small win. Looks the leader, maybe they let her pinch it.

    R8: Missed the black figures No2 Ilawong Mustang the place, if that comes up again I will have a play-Ot can cross then take the sit and suck along in to the money.

    Good luck all, enjoy your easter weekend.

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  • MarkovinaMarkovina    2,975 posts
    Just got around to reading last Wednesdays West Aust Newspaper - seeing its a holiday today got the time -, only get Wed and Sat editions delivered

    Haydens Kings feature article - re " Hot To Trot in Nullarbor " - that is i reckon the best harness racing feature article in the past 5-6 years in that paper  , Hes got quotes from the driver , re the style of the horse -  the trainer - the tight turning GP track , he covers everything 

    Brilliant story/article that , and thats the quality you get - when you get industry specific journalists covering something ( yes he covers the gallops as well - but he has got an extensive trots background - caller and all 

    That was a Gino type article that , and i hope Hayden writes plenty more of them
  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    Good Drive Deni.. ???
  • sonnysonny    1,136 posts
    R3n11 is my bet e/w

  • JayJayJayJay    7,764 posts
    Just posing the question, not accusing anyone of anything or declaring a position....but.....as in cricket with the 3rd ump checking that it isn't a no ball, should the stewards perhaps delay all clear until they can have a look at the last 200m of races in which the finish is really tight?

    A driver gets fined $300 for unacceptable whip, to my untrained eye, it didn't look a whole lot different to a lot of what we see go unpunished, but nonetheless, he got fined....and in no way am I having a shot at Aiden, it was a superb steer. The margin a short half head. The drivers are not in a position to protest, they can't see clearly what the other drivers are doing, I suppose the owner (if on course) or the trainer (if not busy down in the stalls) may ask the question but really the stewards have the best view and access to the replay. Are they able to lodge an objection?

    There still sees to be a plethora of fines on a weekly basis but I don't think anyone has copped time over the whip. The day will come when the pressure to ban it completely becomes overwhelming and in some respects, the drivers must take some/most of the blame if that happens. But if the stewards maybe reversed some placings, gave out suspensions, maybe that sends a stronger message that the Industry is very much in line with welfare of animal expectations.

    Don't know what the answer is but maybe some food for thought. I'll declare a bias, I am not a fan of the whip or excessive use, I hate it and past vision is horrendous going back to the 60's. 70's and 80's. The 3 best drivers I have ever seen, Phil Coulson, Gavin Lang and Mark Purdon rarely took to their horse with excessive whip use. If excessive use isn't ameliorated, then it will be goodbye to the whip, that is a certainty in the ever changing environment we live in.

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