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  • Brownbread
    What was Lucy doing there in race 1 
    March 2021
  • Offthebit
    Hey riders you have me flummoxed with your suvaljko standing start mare. I have owned a few good standing start horses with Shannon over the years but I still can't think of the horse that you are. If it pops into your head let me know who you are thinking of.
    November 2016
  • JayJay
    Riders, apparently Wilf is still with us...... a mate of mine ran into him over Christmas. Wasn't going to put this info into general circulation but Wilf stopped training when his wife got into strife....something to do with stealing from her employer...don't know if she was ever convicted but combined with health issues, that's when he packed it in. Other good winners for him included the very flashy Flagship (12 wins) which he took over East at one stage and won a couple of races at Globe Derby, Fiery Black  (14 wins), Syrian Prince (14 wins though not all with him, he got him off Phil Coulson at the end), Slick Rate (9 wins including Harvey Cup) and Blood Oath (8 wins). He only trained Peter Anstey to 4 of his 19 wins but they included a Winter and an August Cup. A cray fishing mate of mine from Northampton ("Jockey" Williams) owned Peter Anstey and he was with Trevor Warwick for a lot of his career ...Chapel Lodge was another of Jock's horses with Tricky that landed a big plunge at Northam one night...Jockey drove all the way down from Northampton that night and circulated around the bookies ring complete with a big hat, dark glasses and an ill fitting overcoat...was a character.
    January 2016
  • JayJay
    Hey Riders, I might inbox you on Juniors Image rather than post publicly...some of the detail is still, after all these years, very sensitive. I will put a "sanitised" version on the Inters thread but if you are really interested, I will just PM you. I knew Phil very well and had long discussions with him not long before he died. He stridently maintained that he did nothing wrong even when after 4 decades, it meant nothing and the result was never going to be reversed. When people write about Juniors Image, it irritates me intensely that they talk of his Inters win as his only noteworthy victory and, that being supercharged with caffeine. He was a serious horse, set for a serious race, by the best trainer that ever drew breath and who, "Bart Cummings like",  would set a horse to peak at about 8 seconds before the starter said go, such was his precision. I was with Juniors Image at his very first start in WA as a 3 year old in a heat of the WA Derby...he ran 5th ...and witnessed his every start prior to him going to Addington for that Inters series. Regards, JJ
    December 2015
  • Welcome Aboard!
    September 2014