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  • interested to know what it was about the trial that took you both with Hang Glider?  I'm worried its form might fall off a cliff.
    in Ascot 29/01/22 Comment by Rodent 7:10AM
  • Keeping West Australians safe. Shouldn't your government be banning cigarettes? 
  • I wish I'd only lost $4000 on my mistake.
  • Good to see the provincial trials now available. It's quite a shame that they weren't available in time to be useful at the last lot of meetings.
  • You know you're getting old when you keep seeing famous names of the past cropping up again and again. Today we'll see No Peer line up in race 4 for DMac. No Peer started favourite in the 1981 Melbourne Cup which also contained the great Kingston To…
  • So they do a stop gap on vimeo but ignore the provincial trials. Can't find someone to spend a couple of minutes uploading them? Pretty sad.
  • How many winners has Pikey ridden going clockwise?
    in PIKE Comment by Rodent January 20
  • well put, brit. he could be stuck in sydney for months, not working, unable to go anywhere. there is a 3 month wait between the 1st and 2nd vax.have a good think, william. Not entirely correct. Willie would get the Pfizer jab which is only 3 weeks b…
    in PIKE Comment by Rodent January 20
  • Why didn't Perth Racing or whatever title they use, run the 8 race program with the first at 10.00 AM, have 30 minutes between each race and have the last at 1.00 P.M. Because it was forecast to hit 40°C very early in the day. It's already 34.8°C …
    in Belmont off Comment by Rodent January 19
  • My dad (double vaxed) got covid, got chest pains, went to hospital, cleared of anything serious, sent home. Felt a little off for a couple of days and then all good. My 25yo step son got it (also double vaxed). Had chest pains, went to hospital, giv…
  • Send some of that warming to Sydney please. In the first 50 days of Summer, we have only made it to 30°C on 4 occasions (max 34.6 on Dec 19) according to Observatory Hill. According to forecasts we may only just hit 30°C on Tuesday of next week. It'…
    in Belmont off Comment by Rodent January 19
  • I had a terrible day on Saturday losing 4.5k. Knuckled down on Sunday and had I not made that error, would have won 6.5k. That's most important to me. The error was a one off. I bounced back well and was able to absorb two thirds of my mistake with …
  • I hope someone got some of the 50s I laid Kenyluck at. First time in 20 years I've made such a blunder.  I was laying it at 4s in the run after backing it at 8s. No takers so tried to change it to 5 approaching the turn and somehow laid it at 50s. C…
  • Telstra issue unfortunately. Bummer. Shame there's no contingency plan. 
  • Train is a great judge. His tipping is excellent.
  • I think the 10 place multi is going to fall at the last hurdle. Testya has to be a risk at 1200m
  • I found vision on Sky Racing. Suffice to say the 2yos racing today that trialed on 10-1-22 didn't impress me.  Shows how much you can learn from a 400m trial. For the record, I was on the 2nd horse at $9  :((
  • I found vision on Sky Racing. Suffice to say the 2yos racing today that trialed on 10-1-22 didn't impress me. 
  • Longest priced winner of the day $4.80. Thrilling racing I normally lose when that is the case as I rarely find value at the top of the market. Yesterday was an exception however. You tipped Wheatstack Thief last start and if you followed up, $6 was…
  • Massive plonk but trainer was surprised with performance. Everyone knew except the trainer?  =))
  • oceanzara rooboy? seen who is on top? He has a better strike rate on the horse than Pike, O'Donnell and McGruddy  :))
  • R6 Scoreline each way could be a novelties chanceR7 Would like to see Helms Gate run a cheeky race. Pity Duran Duran lost the ride on Kia Ora StarR8 Feels Hot will be better suited this trip. Best BetDuran Duran. When I was a teenager I used to watc…
  • William Pike refusing to do interviews on SKY. Wake up Willy, you are not bigger than industry.  He's just keeping everyone safe, you know, being unvaccinated.
  • Decision was made due to multiple sections of the track being dry & significantly discoloured, creating potential safety risks.
  • Good 3.....Abandoned! Seriously? Don't they bother checking the track in the morning? Amateur hour.
  • He's picked up the ride on Firesale in the last as well.
  • At least I have a piece of paper that allows me to use Dr. as my title  ;)
  • rodent, my friend, that is said from a person in a state where it is endemic and "it's" everywhere.don't say that NNS, lets hope rodent never "gets it." [-X Mate, W.A thinking it can keep out a coronavirus is naive in the extreme. You can waste res…