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  • Checked out the artwork today- fantastic. Well worth the trip down to have a look. 
  • We saw both ends of our great sport tonight- a fantastic head-to-head duel featuring the little champ in the FFA; we needed it after the tragedy in Race 2.
  • Is there any chance we'll ever see Harvey or for that matter, Golden Mile, race again JJ? 
    in GP 26/5 Comment by Yilgarna May 27
  • You nailed it JJ and can I also add the pet contemporary peeves of mine include: The people that sit behind our trotters are reinsmen or reinswomen (not drivers), and they sit in a spider (not a gig, sulky or cart). I'm old fashioned I guess. Our gr…
  • DamienWyer saidSome pretty damning statements made by people hiding behind pseudonyms on here as usual. I suggested the Apprentice made a gross error in judgement and suggested he like a lot of other Apprentice's have no place riding at major meetin…
  • Give me the recent Easter Cup at GP any day over that Bunbury race. If we're looking for a 'novelty', heats and final for the Pacing Cup and a standing start Fremantle Cup would be nice. 
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  • Cheers thanks Spinking. Yeah I am a bit of a collector so one of the rugs or plaques would be sensational. A shoe from the great PS or Satinover would be a dream too. For that matter, a shoe from any of our past WA champs is on the list. 
  • FRK's pair of Rite and Ritual very really good consistent performers in top company that got a few accolades, but I thought deserved more.
  • By any chance would anyone have pics from the complete racebook from that incredible night at GP back in 1980?
  • Take it back 2000 Years you would have been in the Velodrome in Rome with the 2Named Combatants. It was that tribal that night that even as a Grade 1 Student at PrimarySchool that my Father and I disagreed on who would win I asked him to put $1 on S…
  • For the atmosphere and the anticipation around it, Mount Eden's 1971 Miracle Mile would have been a magic night to be at. One for the ages; the huge crowd packed in at Harold Park booing and hissing when he missed the kick (again) as fav, yet exhila…
  • Welcome Yilgarna, a name that reminds me of a pretty good FRK horse by Indian Lake from the great mare Color Glo.I was standing shoulder to shoulder about 30 metres past the winning post along with about 30,000 others watching the race unfold in the…
  • Thank you- PM sent