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  • I wouldn’t put it past the WA media Det.
    in AFL 2021 Comment by freodockers 9:38AM
  • Couple weeks ago there was a pacer having first start that had won a trial by 250 mtrs at Northam according to TAB Touch official form. I watched the replay and also checked the official results, margin was actually 25 mtrs.
  • WAFC you of anyone else JayJay. Sleep well.
  • Unfortunately VK you are now dealing with a generation that didn’t even see a WAFL game. Which brings me to my next subject. I am sick of all these dickheads saying how great it is to have a GF in Perth. If only those same dickheads had thought abo…
  • Give us a couple for tonight Marko.
  • Will have to make a note to send Det am message on Are you OK day for next ten years You are correct JayJay has become irrelevant and yes still remains VFL award.
  • Well done Mikes27091. 1 starter 1 winner. Few more on that run. Looks like a few bets landed too.
  • No think your referring to Cisco, however have had pacers in the past. Good luck with your horse at GD tonight. Will watch with interest.
  • Imachulate Lincoln Joel The Wizard.
  • Great to see some country tipping Mikes27091. Cheers.
  • Micheal Young Vespa GP and double at Northam Great result. That Vespa is turning into a very nice horse appears to be handling the rise in class each time he steps out. Shout out to GTC and connections of McGem does it again at long odds. Backed i…
  • Rodent from experience you are wrong unless they have changed the rules. If 3rd protests against first and it’s upheld then the 2nd horse wins the race as per confirmation from Shothru. Nothing to do with working out who was going to win the race. …
  • The winner cost the third horse second place, so yes protest should be upheld. My understanding is the horse that actually finished second would become winner and third horse promoted to second. Is that correct or what happened.
  • No betting markets on TABTouch. Nothing for GP however if you want to bet on races Belmont Saturday no problems go for it. Another great example of RWWA and an even playing field. Distribution on turnover however you get 720 less days to bet on the …
  • West Australian today good story on Krakouer Bros. Forgotten champions of WAFL and VFL. Good memories. But please do not mention Krakouers and Tim Kelly in the same sentence. Absolutely ruined a great article.
  • Might be a Toby Green. Lots of ability but keeps getting put out.
  • Watched the movie/ doco Schumacher last night on Netflix. Not a F1 fan by any stretch but it was a great watch. Brings a new light to the sport,, not all fun and games.
  • Spare a thought for Nathan Jones what a player. Not a champion player but a champion of the game.
  • Once again isolating team comes out and blows the home side away. Happened so many times this year.
  • Re last nights game. Those older players for Geelong Selwood Danger etc were simply outplayed by young Melbourne midfield. They were way too slow and swamped when they did have the ball. It is becoming glaringly obvious that clubs with older lists c…
  • Louvres are in vogue Curmudgeon Eagles ordered a premiership window and got Tim Kelly. Now stuck with a bunch of fading curtains.
  • Well done Tony. According to pundits we didn’t need him anyway. NOT !!!!
  • “Trunk Call” geez JJ haven’t heard that one for years. Good name for a horse.
  • Not all Bulldogs Det
  • Can’t beat em join Em.
  • Race 1 GP tonight N F Adda 120/26 in a 5 horse field. Nice first up winner at Narrogin, started fav next start at GP did things wrong, same again next start at Pinjarra but was still a good run. Fav a bit of a furphy from barrier 1 rest are a raffl…
  • Bob Murphy coming to Freo. They have been busy.
  • Has requested time to discuss further with his wife who is pregnant and wife’s family who live in Perth. He is coming !!!
  • My opinion Det, Freo will do everything possible to get the deal done. Take all the emotion out of it, the bloke is a star player that any team in the AFL would want. His playing record speaks for itself.
  • You can’t compare Kelly deal to potential Neale deal. Kelly deal has been disappointing to say the least but he was still a little unproven when WC took him. Lachie Neale 2 x All Aust, Brownlow and numerous club awards in last 5/6 years. Add to that…