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  • Ohsomodest
    Thanks Rio, please tell me about your operation.

    Unfortunately most of my mates are in Melbourne and they want to buy there so the chances of getting others to go in is small.

    I'd be happy to hear your views on who to avoid and who is good to deal with. I realise there's plenty of tricks in this game (even Nathan Tinkler found himself on the receiving end of secret commissions!).

    As far as trainers go I'm thinking Morton, Parnham, Kersley, Taylor, Simon Miller. Feel free to shoot me down.

    Happy to hear about your horses but I'm quite particular about what I'm seeking. Of the MM catalogue I like 321, 312, 203, 157 at this stage,

    I'm keen to get a well-bred filly. The theory behind that being that I figure if she's a dud on the track there's still a life for her in the breeding barn.
    January 2016
  • rustyh
    De Janeiro.
    Jeezus you're a top bloke.
    Thats a lovely post in the PTT syndicate thread.
    But fuck Im pissed off with them two.
    Why cant everyone just get along without any drama?
    Arent we all trying to win a quid?
    Im broke brother!
    Havent had an income for 2 years and the missus goes to work while I look after our 3 year old daughter.
    Dont really even know why I said that...
    Anyway Pete.......I promised myself this year not to let people walk over me because I really hate injustice and bullying.
    And to be honest, I dont like the Dookums shit brother!!
    Thanks for being you.
    Fuck, Ive only met you once but you feel like a brother.
    Thank you so much.
    Why am I crying?

    January 2016
  • rooboy
    Hi mate! Could you please send me the punters club tips as it does not come up on my screen! Having tech probs with Chris and he still has not responded! Good luck on the punt.

    October 2015
    • RIO
      Sonny has
      50.00 WIN Race 4n3 Rule To Wyn

      28 WIN ALL UP Race 2n5 Raindance Maggie

      Race 7n3 Flying Time

      Race 8n4 Special Delivery

      Will go out swinging...
      Prices are...
      Rule to Wyn on at $18
      Multi to return $3786

      Carlosa has
      $28 noses on R6 Rebelson

      $50 all up places on R5 Rare Selection into R6 Rebelson
      Prices are...
      $25 @ 13 Rebelson ($3 at 7)

      Multi on to return $660

      Good luck today mate....Apart from Bedamijo i have got nothing special today. Some nice races, so if you can land 2 or 3 you should end up in front..

      Good luck mate.
  • Rex
    Rex RIO
    Peter, Aren't we getting a pup from the next litter. We will be in it.
    September 2014
  • MultipleMigs
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    July 2014
  • HandbrakeHarry
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    May 2014
  • HandbrakeHarry
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    May 2014
  • HandbrakeHarry
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    May 2014
  • Legless
    hey Ro is this a pm
    November 2013
  • RIO changed his profile picture.
    August 2012
  • RIO changed his profile picture.
    August 2012