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  • They must have known something good run for third Freely admit I just backed it because of Poy going over for the 1 ride. Backed it to place and picked up half the tri and half the first 4. Very happy Chappy!!
  • Who would pay Michael Poy to go to Adelaide for a ride in the cup on a 501 shot ?????
  • Not really Falcon. From my experience this sort of charge has been a long time coming
  • It’s taken well over a decade. But good to see the stipes finally growing a set of balls. Karma is a beautiful leveller
  • Shame the fields are so small, then again it’s hardly about the racing
  • Was there anyone ion track, or was it a closed gate training session?
  • Should have been done at WCE Dickers should be done every 5 years as a condition of their license to operate! ????
    in AFL 2023 Comment by RIO December 2023
  • Most disgusting insult to WA racing. The guy was a disaster for Perth Racing Club and for the entire industry I can’t recall one positive that was successfully implemented while he was steering the ship ….. without being bailed out by RWWA. A tha…
  • can't tell you when i had a bet on a 100/1 pop...friar away in r7. rio, might have got on the p*ss with woolfie.. :!! If I did Falcon, it’d be without his #1 pilot there!!!! ????????????
  • Can’t see how to edit the above Meant to say “does anyone know ….
  • No idea what was in The Waste of Time But as this is todays only post….sies anuine know what’s up with McGruddy? Why he can’t ride today??
  • Run of the day Yonga Lass
  • The way Neville is going I’m putting a little e/w in Snowdone!!
  • As for the inability to load the horses in time. Most states have 3 or more meets today. WA has 1. So all our resources are available to get the races run as they should. Like in time. Nup we still not capable.
  • STUNNING win by Yonga Lass woweee! Got a feeling that is how she will win many of her races!! VERY impressive
  • Amateur hour. Why don’t we just nominate them all for SKY 2 4 minutes late and D Mac makes a comment about how quick he let them go!!!!
  • Gr1 race day. And first race straight to Sky 2. Sums up Perth racings status very accurately
  • Agree JJ. The young fella has just got to get here. Get through training and hopefully get a good 15or so games in the season. Anything else will be a bonus. Just hope the so called media don’t start giving him a hard time if he’s not best on grou…
    in AFL 2023 Comment by RIO November 2023
  • Finally a bit of a shifting of the deck chairs at Freo. From the outside looking in I’ve thought Bell has too much control in a lot of areas at Freo. Will be interesting to see if it has any effect with infield results and player retention.
    in AFL 2023 Comment by RIO October 2023
  • I know it was the best horse in the race. But that was a very good ride by Jade in the 5th
  • Irish day in October ????????‍♂️ who woulda thought that would work?!?!?
  • Swear To God is a broken horse. He appears completely gassed. Think he’s still got more life n ability than Jagsy in the 3rd!! Getting into the open 100m onto the straight!!! WTF??? Maybe in the first 4 weeks at Ascot all riders have to sign a c…
  • WTF. Bob has to thank the trainer for doing what most trainers could do if given the stock Bob gave him???? How many times have we heard the Williams acknowledge what an important part of their business Bob paid for??? It’s a two way street. Both …
  • Or send them to Gaerth for lessons!!! Spectacular ride to get out and keep that one going
  • After race 4 Staples and J Turner should be banned from city riding for life!!!! Shocking riding by both
  • Why isn’t there a catch up meet today? Surely 2 days after 25mils of rain has fallen at least one of our winter tracks would be okay to run on?!?!?!
  • I notice with interest another repetitively careless tackler and bumper has come out in full support of Maynard. As with the sling tackle, even though the intent is to stop the player, if the plater is hurt then you take responsibility for your acti…
    in AFL 2023 Comment by RIO September 2023
  • If they cover Gascoyne Junction and Kunnie then why be surprised with Birdsville.  My street are running the annual Guinea Pig Cup next week and Sky Racing have already made an approach to cover it. Early market should be up on Tabtouch on Thursday …
  • They got some good kids with around 20 games in experience already. That normally takes 3 seasons with the eagles!! So combine that with the experienced ones that are staying, they have a chance to go forward next year. 10 players with less than …
    in AFL 2023 Comment by RIO August 2023
  • I was responding to someone taking crap on other sites where it was shit down, then coming I hear and doing the same. The suggestion to close it down was posted close to the start of the thread. Once again I have ZERO interest in horse or person…