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  • Race 1-   Franco Encore,  Sista Sammy,  Wall Street Girl,  Chaco EagleRace 2-   Lusaka,  Thomson Bay,  Rockaball,  ShowponyRace 3-   Skylou,  The Miki Taker,  Miki Jet,  Arma XfactorRace 4-   Bet The House,  Ten To The Dozen,  Menemsha,  GrevisRace …
  • R1- Bank NoticeR2- InfringementnoticeR3- Brodie BoyR4- Military StarR5- Our Eagle BayR6- RockandrollartistR7- Alta FreewayR8- The Batmobile
  • Hope you are wrong in race 5 VK and Gilga!!! [-O< [-O< Cheers boys!! Best of luck tonight Cisco.
  • Congrats to both JJ & Cisco on their respective wins last night at Busselton & GP respectively.
  • Race 1- Ponzi BeachRace 2- Crowd ControlRace 3- Brickies DreamRace 4- Louie LebeauRace 5- Beach CaptainRace 6- Insta GatorRace 7- Ubeen ThundastruckRace 8- ChillinRace 9- Stereophonic
  • Sad to say the least JJ.This corresponding meeting in 1985 had 2 x Pacing Cup Heats, the New Years Pace which had the first round of Pacing Cup heat winners (Village Kid, Governor Guinness & Nalaara Boy) racing against one another, the Christmas…
  • GPRace 1-   Sister Cherie,  Between Two Thorns,  Zephyra,  UnluckyRace 2-   Arma Xfactor,  Ardens Horizon,  Paul Edward,  Brickies DreamRace 3-   Tiger Royal,  Cordero,  Hillview Bondi,  Mr FantasticRace 4-   Blitzembye,  Lavra Joe,  Arma Einstein, …
  • The Parklands trotting track on the Gold Coast became the Athletes Village for the 2018 GC Commonwealth Games if I remember correctly!
  • Goodfellaz & Ardens Horizon are a bit stiff to miss out in my opinion.
  • GPRace 1-   Hotly Pursued,  Fess Up,  Crowd Control,  SkylordRace 2-   Floewriter,  Street Hawk,  William Gees Legacy,  Master PublisherRace 3-   The Code Breaker,  El Chema,  Ima Fivestar General,  Major PerryRace 4-   Talks Up A Storm,  Patronus S…
  • GPRace 1-   The Code Breaker,  Machnificent,  Classic Choice,  CooperRace 2-   Acharne Girl,  Taking The Miki,  Steno,  Montana GloryRace 3-   Hotly Pursued,  Star Lavra,  Rocket City,  DouradoRace 4-   Magnificent Storm,  Chal Patch,  Blitzembye,  …
  • Race 1-   Im The Black Flash,  Fess Up,  Rockmyster,  Vintage BluRace 2-   Rocknroll Elliot,  Codename Marcus,  Classic Choice,  Hoppys WayRace 3-   Whos The Dad,  Ima Fivestar General,  Whatabro,  Thomson BayRace 4-   Valentines Brook,  Blitzembye,…
  • Bob Spargo looks about 17. He came over from Footscray to captain coach West Perth mid 60's. Was considered a bit of a coup as he had played in Footscrays losing GF to Hawthorn in 1960 or 1961. For some reason, the crowds never took to him, he was r…
  • Dennis Lillee was a Belmont (WA) boy!
  • Of real concern was that the U18s team easily defeated Swan Districts top of the ladder reserves team in a scratch match before going to Adelaide.As you would be aware Chariots that was more like the Swans Reserves Reserves side with the team made u…
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid June 2023
  • **** that Nic Martin’s a good player. Where’d he come from ?? Subiaco in the WAFL.
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid June 2023
  • Will let someone else have a crack but one of each of the SA, VIC & NSW boys look very familiar as well....
  • Sam Mitchell's missus wanted to head back to Melbourne if memory serves me right?Many say he was the brains behind that flag win!
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid May 2023
  • Is that Ian Greig & Mike Reed from WA Chariots?
  • I miss those days of the glamour Full Forwards kicking bags (10+) of goals and regularly kicking a century a season.
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid May 2023
  • Looks like the picture was from the old Perth Oval (Home of the East Perth Royals) before it was sadly turned into a soccer/rugby ground.
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid May 2023
  • Seriously where are you going to get another 90 players from that are anywhere near the standard?As it stands there would be a third of players on afl lists who are not up to the standard and yet adding 2 more teams will somehow improve that.I watch…
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid May 2023
  • Talk of a 19th AFL team and then a 20th is utterly ludicrous.There is nowhere near enough talent around now to sustain the current 18 teams, how on earth do they expect to fill 2 more teams and another 90 players???Tasmania should already have a tea…
    in AFL 2023 Comment by VillageKid May 2023
  • I have noted since Simpson has been at WC he always goes down the injury excuse path, and it now seems to have well and truly infiltrated their clueless supporter base as well!
  • St Kilda had 14 or 15 players out early in the season including King, Membrey, Windhager etc and didnt seem to trouble them at all.
  • +1 Gil and we will not be missing a thing worth noting! Oh for the good old days of just Sunday World Of Football on Ch7 with Frank Sparrow and the panel of Percy Johnson, Marty McDonnell, Steve Marsh, Mick Cronin etc or "Dads Army" as Toddy and Bro…
  • What has happened to Brandon Walker who gave a bit of dash out of the back half last year?
  • GPRace 1-   Nevermindthechaos,  Sheez Our Hope,  Bettor Get It On,  The Amber HareRace 2-   Steel The Show,  Onesmartfella,  Hengheng,  Rock Me OverRace 3-   Ragazzo Mach,  Ima Fivestar General,  Aussie Scooter,  Tenzing BromacRace 4-   Glenledi Chi…
  • Not many years at all as only last Friday night Hall Snr stable didnt have even 1 runner at GP. Mrs Richardson passed away a couple of months back.
  • If we are talking old Pacing Cup memories it is hard to go past the 1985 version which was responsible for one of the biggest upsets I can recall with long odds on favourite Preux Chevalier being toppled by young upstart Village Kid.This race was al…