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  • OHH he lifted her home did the man William  :x
  • ^^  :-@  lol yes we get it this upsets you and maybe other PTT'ers too idk but each to their own. My take is this, i LOVE Zaaki and although he is getting into very short quotes now he has been a FILL UP horse for me and plenty of others.Call me a n…
  • Acceptances finalised an hour and a half ago on The Underwood stakes at Sandown(a paltry 5 accepted)yet as of 5 minutes ago the all in market was still up and seemingly able to place a bet on up to 12 horses i say wtf? everyone should be aware of th…
  • Price gone due to scratchings R6 which is a bummer but those two out also advantages King Cruzer, may have to lead and roll if he jumps well, that last start wasn't pretty with more pulling seen than at a teen viewing of Porkys :D H i see(and am …
  • Also thinking i'm on board @ The Inferno train, he may need a bit of luck friday night staying at the 1000 again, hopefully will get enough pace on to finish all over them again.
  • Aside from a couple of all in bets for Saturday i've had a spec punt on Rhinoceros today in the Derby around $15/17 now which is still a nice price, his Sandown run was a decent win and the stable has a couple of decent gallopers in their …
  • R8 Beanie "finds himself racing against some horses with convictions", that will be a long conversation comparing notes lol
  • :)) he is a treasure our Falc.  And he is right that just because one is a champion doesnt mean jack all for the next foal.
  • Pontiff has won 5 Hannans Hcp. Kalgoorlie Cup is always a bad fit regards weights and the clash with metro meeting Stand alone meeting for Cup day i'm pretty sure, the weight could be the issue though as i think he will only get 54 which Pont does…
  • i see Bob has Verry Elleegant's full brother a 3 y.o in training/work and it's going like a dromaderry to date, reportedly very underdeveloped(beaten 15 lengths in a trial).
  • you're right thunder, a couple more strides and media baron wins. harvey on for the cup? Would be a good move i think Falc, assuming he wants to venture up there?..rides plenty of horses for DH and won a few races on the Baron last year.
  • A few all in prospects i've spotted pending markets coming out, Sydney : Entriviere, Sword Of State also a Jamie Richards galloper and Imaging not 100% sure he is back from melbourne though, if yes the Shannon 1500m suits perfectly. *omitted one for…
  • Rahm clearly top shelf but COSTLY as in the last month or so. Haha. I was reading your posts Bomber. Sounds like it was a real roller coaster. Golf betting can be like a slow death sometimes. I will be gearing up up for the Ryder Cup. Can't wait. …
  • Rollercoaster of golf betting continues hey mate...frustrating asf as i found in just a few starts recently.More teases to follow in this round too i bet.
  • No spoils pricewise with the two favourites in the big Group 1's next Saturday, will search for some value in the 2nd tier races at either Sandown(like it as the alternate option for the Underwood big track, long straight)or Rosehill. Zaaki who know…
  • Wasn't looking to watch it tonite but have always wondered wtf is the go with that situation on the app...seems ahh what are the word(s) farkenstupid?
  • Media Baron nice cup trial.. Gets clear running when needed he arguably wins today #getpontyon nah she was a tad unlucky the jock but all jesting aside i wonder when Paul last rode in Kal?
  • From laughing to crying Nonconformist $8 all in goes fn begging.... =((
  • Gee that Nature strip is  the most over rated horse in Australia. :))
  • 2.90 Verry Elleegant is STEALING :x
  • The Pont did not give an inch to Pikey in straight as well, good to see Same mate, LOVE that shit!
  • Nice tip @Train and nice ride Ponty!
  • Good dour win Atishu, looking for further as she is a 2000m winner in NZ.I got on at $36 for the Epsom looks a lightweight hope on form here to date.
  • If your punting at Caulfield hope you followed the form from race 1 into He's A Balter R2.1st and 2nd ran 3rd and 4th to him last is flying and won easily and S.P'd $7.50 :D No knock J Kah but Meech jumps on and is 2/2.
  • Oh is covid a thing here??? definitely shoudln't be mandatory and i'm not an anti vaxxer, but i say freedom of choice goddamit!!.ICGAF about the chinavirus at all to be honest so maybe disregard my opinion....
  • Does look like he has maybe eradicated that ability he had to be a bit non genuine fresh but i reckon MC can do him at 1200, however it's just as likely in the Everest something else will jump up out of the ground and beat them both lol
  • I reckon Atishu can win the Bill Ritchie, am contemplating having a spec bet pre race for the epsom too on this ex kiwi. Shorts should be a cracker @Jum i wonder if your referring to NS or Masked Crusader? i love the latter as a horse...particularly…
  • Yeh bit harsh on later review of the times, double whammy as i thought Great News had every chance in the previous race.
  • Both went schitthouse  :-q
  • Couple of good bets at Newy today : Great News in the Tibbie Stakes she is due and the barrier is less crapola today and,Harpo Marx in the cup this horse is absolutely flying, the downgrade in jockey due to covid is the only concern though he just g…