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Our Authors

Our Authors

The people that provide the voice for Perth Turf Talk.

Matt Rigby

Matt Rigby is a local stands bookmaker who fields all Metropolitan Saturday meetings. A true lover of racing, Matt is involved in all aspects of racing as an owner, syndicator, bookmaker and punter.

Greg Hooper

Greg Hooper's reputation needs no introdution as the spearhead of many succesful betting syndicates. "Hoops" features weekly on 1206 Racing Radio as their regular tipster and is an accountant by day.

Gary Wright

There are few people that are members for the Eagles and Dockers, however undoubtedly they're always true sport lovers. There is no better way to subscribe Gary Wright, other than his remarkable accuracy with tipping in all forms.

Chris Nelson

Chris is the owner of JuiceBox Creative, the agency behind Perth Turf Talk since its inception in 2005. Although primarily focused on the maintanence of the website, as a passionate owner/punter Chris has gathered enough information through involvement in the website to contribute an opinion regularly.

Recent Comments

User Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh 07 May | Posts: 3470

R1: I found the same selection at odds as Village in No7 My sweat Deal. Pretty sure I have seen over 40/1 and 6 a place but thats all gone. I think I will wait until late and see where it gets to particularly a place mid totes for a 1 by 3 bet. Loved its last ...

User Rocket_Reign

Rocket_Reign 07 May | Posts: 476

An ill wind for some is a refreshing sea breeze for others...champagne moments for Rocket in January!! Birthday gift for the prince haha

User Betonme

Betonme 07 May | Posts: 184

Integrity dept have been busy in that state last month! 

User JayJay

JayJay 07 May | Posts: 5870

An ill wind for some is a refreshing sea breeze for others...champagne moments for Rocket in January!!

User spinking

spinking 06 May | Posts: 2959

Complete tragedy for all involved. Got to spare a thought for the float driver after the shock of the initial impact, can only imagine the traumatic scenario he had to witness and involve himself in. Without making light of it I don't think anyone would have b...

User thefalcon

thefalcon 06 May | Posts: 17429

it would be soul destroying for all those concerned. my heart goes out to them. awful death for the horses and trauma for the survivors.

User Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh 06 May | Posts: 3470

Agree he doesnít have the cattle but every coach should be able to extract one basic thing out of his playing group and that is effort. Risk of repeating myself but Freo gave none last week in a game against their main rivals who were undermanned then gave out...

User RIO

RIO 06 May | Posts: 14270

Gilgy, he still hasn't got the cattle to do the job yet, I'd be moving Fyfe on this year and allow themselves room in their salary cap to get at least 2 good midfielders who will be with them for 4-5 years.....That will give him the connectivity they need and ...

User detonator

detonator 06 May | Posts: 2644

Geelong dropped Jordan Clark again.Eagles should snap him up as a replacement for Shannon Hurn.Patrick Cripps yet to sign. He would look good in the Blue and Gold. JK retirement should free up a few bucks for him.

User detonator

detonator 06 May | Posts: 2644

Gee how was the bumping duel between the stablemates in race 8 the Warrnambool Cup.John Allen on Heart of Puissance and Jye McNeil on South Pacific.Not sure the trainers would be too happy. Looked like they had 2 or 3 goís.Canít wait to read stewards report. :...