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The following companies have made Perth Turf Talk possible.

Alecto Australia
GP Jobs

Perth Financial Advisers

Vantage Performance
Business Turnaround

Cully's Yamaha
Yamaha Motorcycles

Second Hand Shelving

Novated Calculator
Novated Lease Calculator

Juicebox Creative
Perth Web Designers

Ranger Drilling
Drilling Contractors

Global Industrial
Pallet Racking

Rokeby GP
Perth GP

WA Science News

Health and Safety Consultants

Verge Finance
Property Finance

Australian Renovation Group
Second Storey Additions

Hire A Perth DJ
Perth DJ Hire for Weddings and Parties

Etihad Stadium
Venue Hire Melbourne

Luxury Home Builders Melbourne

Five Senses Coffee
Speciality Coffee Roasters

Duncraig Village Dental
Dentist Duncraig

Aftermarket Parts

Succession Plus
Succession Planning

Balustrade Design
Balustrading WA


Recent Comments

User paraletic

paraletic 18 Jul | Posts: 2700

Wow thats some good prizemoney in NSW. They are leaving the rest of the country behind

User spinking

spinking 18 Jul | Posts: 1572

Geez with those sort of numbers if you had one descent enough I know where it would be heading. I have been told only told so don't know if it is gospel that GRD own basically from the back of the admin /jockeys room at Belmont , if correct so all the tie ups ...

User savethegame

savethegame 18 Jul | Posts: 724

Full well remember the Cruickshank shuffle 20 odd people imitating a rotating spit no one getting any interference in sync.;;;Two good roan horses from the round  Schraders  park royale  warwick  riwaka  vance  other roan horses o...

User TheDiva

TheDiva 18 Jul | Posts: 9754

meanwhile in NSW:As of Sept 1 in NsWSat Metro- 125kMidweek Metro - 50kPublic Holiday Metro -60kHighways - 75kProv- 35kCountry- 22kListed- min 140kG3- min 160k

User RIO

RIO 18 Jul | Posts: 13493

They weren't prepared to give up Ascot as they "thought" - that they owned it. Then discovered they had a never ending lease as long as it was used for equine activity. By that stage they were already deep in negotiations to sell/develop Belmont and keep Ascot...

User spinking

spinking 18 Jul | Posts: 1572

No argument here about that Tivers. The million dollar question is which one to keep. And I dare say most would have the same answer to that one

User Tivers

Tivers 17 Jul | Posts: 6512

Werenít offering to give up Ascot then, as we appear to mostly be suggesting now. Bottom line on that point is - the club can not afford to maintain two venues. End of argument.

User spinking

spinking 17 Jul | Posts: 1572

I think the snub of the Barnett government at the time by PR officials hasn't helped. If more had been done back then to get the gov on board they might have been better of now

User Tivers

Tivers 17 Jul | Posts: 6512

Then need to rework the deal with GRD yes. There needs to be room for two tracks (for racing) at the least... and thatís if crase all training / trials at Belmont (need third / fourth otherwise). Would suggest it is done in a style where they cross cross ea...

User RIO

RIO 17 Jul | Posts: 13493

If done before the stadium, they would have got everything the industry wanted. If the deal is done now. The industry will get what it needs. I think the Lark Hill track would be upgraded, and very minimal race day infrastructure put in...It is still our major...