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The following companies have made Perth Turf Talk possible.

High Pressure Cleaning

SLSWA First Aid Training
First Aid Training

Pascoe's Gas, Water & Electrical
Hot Water Repair

Coffee Carts

The Dental Quarters
Claremont Dentist

Perth Financial Advisers

Vantage Performance
Business Turnaround

Cully's Yamaha
Yamaha Motorcycles

Second Hand Shelving

Novated Calculator
Novated Lease Calculator

Juicebox Creative
Web Design Perth

21st Amendment
Leederville Function Hire

Global Industrial
Pallet Racking

Rokeby GP
Perth GP

Health and Safety Consultants

Australian Renovation Group
Second Storey Additions

Succession Plus
Succession Planning

Five Senses Coffee
Speciality Coffee Roasters

Balustrade Design
Balustrading WA

Crossfit in Perth

Keogh Consulting
Organisational Transformation

Stannard Homes
Two-Storey Builders Perth

DomeShelter Australia
Dome shelters

Recent Comments

User Rodent

Rodent 20 Feb | Posts: 4884

Dropping to 3kg hasn't stopped her. 2 winners from 4 rides yesterday. The tally is now 7 winners from her first 18 rides.  Horses obviously run for her. She looks very ordinary at the moment so you'd think she has tremendous upside as she gains exper...

User hash

hash 20 Feb | Posts: 6518

Simple solution... donít bet with them! There are that many other options out there as much as Iíd love to support our local product itís near on impossible

User paraletic

paraletic 20 Feb | Posts: 3361

There has been varying posts similar to this over the last few months. In simple terms, they have got NFI what they are doing and are weak as pi$$. A great combination for any business.

User tony

tony 20 Feb | Posts: 1851

Interesting for me. Replays from cris do not work on firefox but do on chrome.On Victab all works OK

User loose_goose

loose_goose 20 Feb | Posts: 1808

I would say it is something to with the Flash player, might need an update

User Tivers

Tivers 20 Feb | Posts: 7261

Working fine for me on Chrome

User PC

PC 20 Feb | Posts: 1306

I agree. Surprise Baby was too far back. The ride by Jordan Childs wasn't the best. Surprise Baby was 18th (out of 24) at the 400m mark and flew to finish 5th...Only 0.9 lengths away from the winner Vow And Declare.

User DamienWyer

DamienWyer 20 Feb | Posts: 6754

Understand that but it is run by RWWA and they continually demonstrate an ability to be behind the curve

User TheDiva

TheDiva 20 Feb | Posts: 10775

the point is... it should work on all platforms. 

User DamienWyer

DamienWyer 20 Feb | Posts: 6754

So just go to Firefox ?