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  • its a fair time to october, skids...many a slip etc etc. It's only 12 weeks Falc. The horse is a freak, could be anything. As you say, anything can happen, but if all goes to plan, nothing is going to beat her.
  • Don’t think anyone is under any illusion as to who they beat Manchild. Just pleasing to see them have a dip and not throw up the crap they have in the last couple weeks. How courageous is S. Hurn nearly gets himself another year if he finishes off t…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS July 22
  • Entriviere absolutely brained them in a trial yesterday. Them including Probabeel and Amarelinha! She's $9 (in from $15) for The Invitation at Randwick  on the 23rd of October. Only bad luck will see her beaten.
  • A typical 'nothing post' Koch is the one moaning. The other teams (soccer) you mention, have what to do with the AFL? 'Half their wage' please, another ignorant utterance. Eds gone, if you hadn't heard.
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS April 30
  • Being a wiggles fan, of course you wouldn't understand what the big deal is with jumper designs. Your canary yellow and baby blue are the most putrid colours in the world. Not to mention you've had more jumper designs than a good sammys bin. The Bla…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS April 30
  • What is with this clown Koch and his pea brain followers? Port joined the AFL as Port Power, wearing a predominantly Teal jumper.This jumper has slowly evolved into a mostly black and white version and now they want to wear a black & white jumpe…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS April 29
  • Is Mark McGoo and the government going to compensate Freo for the lockdown/lost revenue.We have had two lockdowns now and you can count the total infected people in the community on one hand.The guy is a paranoid nazi. After all he keeps his job and…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS April 27
  • The quaddie late is an absolute minefield. Fd-Fd-Fd-Fd $143 will get you 1%.... :-? I'll have a stab... R6 1.​3.​4.​5.​6 R7 1.​2.​4.​8.​9 R8 3.​4.​5.​6.​8 R9 2.​3.​4.​7.​13
    in Ascot 24/4/21 Comment by SKIDS April 24
  • Nope, she's going for a nice spell. Be back in Oz next year.
  • Entriviere will be heading to Qld for her next mission.
  • Paddy was ridden an absolute treat today, got a perfect sit and outstayed them. Best horse on the day won.
    in CRAYFISH CUP Comment by SKIDS April 18
  • Sure is Voodoo, have watched the replay a few times :) Been a long time between winners for me! Really stoked for my old mate John and his missus Cat getting the Gero Cup today! Great family and they don't mind a drink or 2! I reckon the shed will…
  • You little ripper! Top bloke JR, deserves this win!
    in CRAYFISH CUP Comment by SKIDS April 18
  • Well, we had to take him a 100 miles NW of Toowoomba, but the big fella finally broke his Maiden status. All Jeed Up, jumped from barrier 12 and used his gate speed to get to the lead after the first 150m, the closest they got to him was the 3.5 len…
  • Entriviere, they're not concerned about the barrier. Very juicy odds, I thought she'd be 2's at best. Lock it in.
  • Going to the track today. Bit of a SFR reunion happening.I'm 14 months without a drink so I reckon by about race 6 the crew will be annoying enough to see me heading for the gate :-* Race 1 - Just a little on the 4 to win. Race 2 - Another token…
  • Meekatharra Cup day was fun. We camped there the night before. Had a great day at Gold Coast and was blown away by Flemington.
  • Entriviere will be in Sydney next month. She's a weapon. Sapphire Stakes :)]
  • Race 3 looks a good one for Star Glitter to score in start number 99. Race 4 Master Moore, the 1400 should suit and a solid E/W price will do me. Liittle Laqdar has managed to destroy my quaddies the last few weeks, not today! I think he'll boot Tre…
    in Ascot 10/3/21 Comment by SKIDS March 10
  • Entriviere will be in Sydney next month. She's a weapon.
  • Going to be an interesting season. Back to longer quarters, less (75) interchanges and the new man on the mark rule. Having Grundy fit will be like having a pretty handy new recruit. Elliot, JDG & Daicos spending more time in the middle and cro…
    in AFL 2021 Comment by SKIDS March 8
  • sure it ain't an urban myth, skids? i could look up and see what their respective numbers interesting... Nah, it's ridgey didge, he picked up 30 odd grand. I got confirmation from a mate who's a regular there.
  • Just talking to the local TAB owner, he says "Did you hear about old mate at the Kingsley Tavern TAB?" Apparently the punter was very keen on Dom To Shoot and put $200 x $300 on it, well, so he thought! He'd backed Lunar Fox by mistake! He tried to…
  • Geez the Richards stable has some rippers don't they!?! Bit better value and a lock to win IMO, Entriviere in the race prior @ $2.20. How good is she?!? Great win, makes it look easy.
  • I've got 3/4 on the Flemington late quaddie with missing the first leg with Indian Pacific in there. 10% too :(( I bombed the 2nd leg, had the rest... always the way.
  • First leg of the quaddie in... always have #1 in the first leg B-) Flemington 1 - ZOUTORI 2 - ELITE STREET 5 - CELEBRITY QUEEN 9 - BOLD STAR 14 - SEPTEMBER RUN 15 - SIRIUS SUSPECT Race 7 4 - MOONLIGHT MAID 7 - LUNAKORN 8 - DON'TTELLTHEB…
  • I'm expecting a big run from Elite Street in the Newmarket.
  • Luckily I just spotted Glistening in the 3rd at Randwick :)
  • Race 4 - Excellent Dream. Continues to improve and today will silence the critics once and for all. Race 6 - Island Charm to give the top 3 a run for their money. Race 8 - The always at double figure odds, Cryptic Love can win again. I think The Big…
  • Geez the Richards stable has some rippers don't they!?! Bit better value and a lock to win IMO, Entriviere in the race prior @ $2.20.